Reading to Learn
By: Riley Edwards

Rational: We are teaching this lesson because identifying the elements of story grammar is the key to comprehension (Hill).  The student will learn the general story structure such as main characters, time, place, problem, goal, and outcome.  It is important for a student to accomplish this goal in order to “facilitate comprehension and memory of stories” (Pressley).

Materials:  Story reading worksheet, story element cards, PowerPoint (computer), The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System By: Joanna Cole, and Young John Quincy By: Cheryl Harness.

 We will start by doing our PowerPoint.  We will go over what to look for.  They are the main character, time, place, problem, goal, and outcome.  Then we will model to the students what is expected of them.  Our next activity will be a practice activity, which the students will read from The Magic School Bus.  The students are to get into groups and choose their story element, and then discuss as a whole class.  We will then do an individual assessment.  The students will finish reading The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System.  Then they will be given a story map to fill out.  The story map includes questions about the book.  For example, describe the main characters.  It also ask you to name the characters, list some facts, and state the time it took place.

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My Story Map
Name: ______________________________

Directions: Fill in the boxes with the correct information from the story you read.

Describe the Main Characters

Describe the time period that the story took place

List 5 facts about the place in which the story occurred.

Describe the problems encountered

What was the main goal of the text?

Describe the outcome of the text. (Be sure to include important facts that led to the outcome.)

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