Columbus in a Summary
Reading to Learn
Lauren Byrd

Rationale:  Summarization is a great technique to help students understand, comprehend and remember what they read. It is important that children remember what they read in all of the subjects that they study. This is a skill that must be introduced in the classroom, and practiced in order to be successful with this skill.

Materials: paper, pencil, and social studies books for all students

1- Now children, today we are going to talk about a way that we all can learn how to remember what we read. It is called summarization. It is a very important skill that will help you all very much when reading a passage.
2- Now lets all get out our social studies books and turn to the section on Christopher Columbus. Before we start lets talk about what we already know about Columbus. Good. Now I am going to read this section, and then I will show you all how I would summarize it. (Read a section and then summarize it and talk about how you chose what facts you did to recall ö Explain to remember to use the big facts and not worry about the small things). Review how to read silently before you let them read to themselves.
3- Go over the rules of Summarization and discuss what each one means ö delete trivial information ö delete repeated information ö superordinate items and events - find or compose  statement that covers everything the writer is saying about the topic
4- Now children we are all going to read another section on Columbus and work together as a class to pick out the important facts, and use the rules in order to summarize it. (Read another section and summarize together. As they work together I will write their summarization on the board, so that they can see each others ideas.)
5- Now we are going to all divide into groups of about 4 or 5, and we will all read the different sections in our groups. We will each summarize them and share them with the class.
6- In order to assess each student on the own with their summarization skills, have them each read a passage and write a summary down on a piece of paper to turn in to you.
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