Joni Bishop
Lesson Design-Reading to Learn

Now That’s the Important Stuff!

Rationale:  When learning to read, one of the main components of fluent reading is comprehension.  One strategy for comprehension is summarization; which allows readers to find meaning in what they have read.

Materials: copy of “All About Tigers” from Ranger Rick Vol 35, No 10, Oct. 2001 for each student, paper and pencil for students, chart paper and marker

1. Have you ever been sitting quietly reading you have read all this information, and suddenly you do not know what you have read?  Sometimes when we are absorbing a lot of information our mind gets in a jumble. Well, today we are going to learn a strategy to help us keep our heads straight.  It is called summarization.  Does anyone have any ideas about what is summarization?  It states the main point of a paragraph and by writing it down it allows us to look back and remember what we read.

2. Before we begin reading, I want everyone to remember how to silent read.  (Model for class.)  Watch how I am reading without saying a word.  Now you show me how to whisper read…now silent reading.  Very Good!

3. (Pass out article to each child) Before we begin, I am going to show you how we summarize.  I want everyone to silently read the first paragraph.  Now I am going to pull out the important information.  Tigers are the largest cats in the world.  I am going to write that on my paper because I do not want to forget it.  (Write sentence on chart paper for class to see.)

4. Now I want you to get into groups of two and read the next three paragraphs silently.  When you are finished, I want you and your partner to come up with the important information or summarize each paragraph.  When we are finished, we will share our findings.

5. Assessment: Since you all have done such a wonderful job working together, I want you to practice summarizing on your own.  Read the next four paragraphs and write you summaries on your paper.  After they have finished, ask students to share their findings and write them on the class list.

Pressley, Michael.  “Strategies that Improve Children’s Memory and Comprehension of Text”.  The Elementary School Journal.  Volume 90, No 1, 1989.  -Meg Crow-Summing Up SuperCroc

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