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Reading to Learn

                                                                            Important Details


Rationale:  An important aspect of reading is being able to comprehend and remember what you have read.  Summarizing is a great tool to use because it allows the students to remember the important information.  This lesson will teach students how to comprehend a story through summarization.

Materials:  chalk, chalkboard, pencil, paper, Ranger Rick: July 1990 (Vol. 24, No. 7) Article: ãThe Daring Doubiletsä sections ÎSerious Businessâ and ÎFunny Businessâ


1. I will review silent reading to the class by explaining that silent reading is when you read in your head without a sound.  Today we are going to learn how to summarize things you are reading.  This will help you remember and comprehend information.
2. When you summarize you find the main points, exclude small details, and combine repeated information.
3. I am going to pass out the article, ãThe Daring Doubilets.ä  First we are going to read the section titled ÎSerious Businessâ together and pick out the main points, which are the facts that really stick out and write them on the chalkboard.  When writing the points you will come across ideas that can be deleted because they are the ones that do not really tell us about what we are reading.  Then if you see ideas that are repeated throughout do not keep writing them down, when you wrote it once that will be good enough.  Now take out a piece of paper and a pencil.  I want you to silent read the next section, ÎFunny Business,â and write a summarization on your paper.
4. Each student will have the opportunity to read their summary to the class and compare points.
5. Assessment: The teacher will take up the summaries to read to see if the students understand the concept and elements of summarization.

Pressley, M. (1989). Strategies that improve childrenâs
    memory and comprehension of text. The Elementary
    School Journal. (90,1).

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