Cara Anspaugh
Beginning to Read

Rationale:  This lesson is to teach children how to decode and spell words.  They will learn how to use a common correspondence, sh=/sh/, which will help them read and write different words.

Materials:  Letterboxes, letters (f,h,i,m,p,r,s,t,u), chalk, chalkboard, paper, pencil, Shoe Man by Alice K. Kunka


1.    Introduce the lesson by asking the students if they ever asked someone to /sh/ or be quiet.  Ask the students what two letters make up the /sh/ sound.
2.    Today we are going to learn the /sh/ sound.  We make this sound by putting our teeth together, puckering up our lips, and blowing out.  Letís all practice saying /sh/ by repeating this tongue twister: "Shelly saw seven sea shells by the sea shore."  The /sh/ sound is made when you put the letters "s" and "h" together.  Now, I am going to list some words and I want you to tell me which words have the /sh/ sound: fish or dog, open or shut, shell or sun.
3.    Start the letterbox lesson and make sure that every student has the right letters in front of him or her.  First we are going to start with three letter boxes.  Spell: shut, hush, fish, ship, dish.  Great job!  Open up to have four boxes.  Spell: trash.  Excellent!  Now open so you will have five boxes in front of you.  Spell: shrimp.  Wonderful!
4.    I am going to spell the words on the chalkboard and I want you to read them to me.
5.    Break the class into small reading groups and give each group a copy of the Shoe Man.  Tell the students, while they read the story write down any words that they hear the /sh/ sound in.
6.    Assessment:  Have each student read a word or two that they found in the book that had the /sh/ sound.  To each student the teacher will list a couple of words with the /sh/ sound and some will not to see if they can pick the words that have /sh/ included within.  The teacher will record what the student says.

Eldredge, J. Lloyd. Teaching decoding in holistic classrooms. Merrill, Englewood Cliffs: NJ. 1995. pg.86

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