Lesson Designs from Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Fall 2002

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I. Emergent Literacy
Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Ashley Todt, Sammy Snake
Roslyn Hester, Ning! Nang! Nong!
Kellie Hill, T is Totally Terrific!
Leslie Flowers, Silly Snake
Lindsey Odom, Snakes Are Silly
Laura Meadors, Lindsey Loves Lollipops
Tamra Swindall, I Spy the Letter M!
Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Billie Jean Fultz, Baby Bumble Bee
Miranda Young, Marvelous Monsters!
Kim Neuendorf, The Sick Pig
Amanda Starnes, The Baby Says AAAAAAAA
Allison Felton, Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Choooo, Choooo!
Sara Knight, A-a-aaachoo!
Michelle Strowd, An Icky Sticky Mess!
Joni Bishop, Super Silly Snakes!
Marie Nicol, Eewww, Iiicky Stiiicky
Lauren Lewis, Abra-kadabra-kazam /a/ /a/ /a/, POOF!
Katie Naylor, Say /o/!
Lindsey Tomlinson, Look at That Big Pig!
Larkin Ade, Bump on the Head
Angel Jackson, Let's Read and Read!
Lisa Wells, Aaa, Alligators!
Vicki Hunter, What's Up, Doc?
Ellie Austin, And a Baby Cries
Cara Anspaugh, Are You Hard of Hearing?
Katie Allred, The Fat Cat
Amy Chastang, Icky Sticky Insects
Amy Strickland, The Doctor Says /o/
Kisha Tolbert, The Doctor Sound
Lindsay Bailey, Laugh at the Cat!
Lauren Byrd, 1, 2 Cha, Cha, Cha
April Casey, Under the Umbrella
Jess Putnam, Open Up and Say Aaaah!
Lessons for Teaching Print Concepts
Rachel Greer, The Secret Code of Sentences

II. Beginning Reading
Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Amy Morris, Icky Icky I
Kim Lampe, Around the World With Bud the Sub
Kale Reeves, Open Up Wide and Say /o/
Allison Felton, Aaaa! Who Woke Up the Baby?
Michelle Strowd, Uuuuuuuggghhh That Hurts
Joni Bishop, Iggy the Penguin!
Marie Nicol, Open Up and Say /o/
Lisa Wells, Ugly Umbrellas
Vicki Hunter, Ugh!
Amy Strickland, The Doctor Says Ah!
Lindsay Bailey, Cats, Cats
Lauren Byrd, Izzy Wizzy
Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and vowel digraphs
Lyndsay Stegmann, We All Scream for Ice Cream!
Grace Tully, A Seal's Meal
Lauren Lewis, Carry Your Own Load, Toad!
Katie Naylor, Ay = /A/, You Say?
Laura Meadors, Today is a May Day
Kisha Tolbert, Ohhh Wheeee!
April Casey, Ow! I Stubbed my Toe
Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Rachael Harbin, Chewy, Chewy Chocolate
Emily Hart, SH! Be Quiet
Amanda Starnes, Shhhhhh
Lindsey Odom, Chips
Sara Knight, Shhh!
Lindsey Tomlinson, Sh! Sh! Stop That Noise!
Larkin Ade, Shhh . . . I Am Trying to Sleep
Cara Anspaugh, Shhh!
Katie Allred, Cha, Cha, Cha With /ch/
Amy Chastang, Sneeze Cheese
Tamra Swindall, Shake out the SH!
Jess Putnam, Shaggy Sheba Shakes!
Lessons for teaching blending
Angel Jackson, Riddles With Blending
Ellie Austin, Blending Boats

III. Growing Independence & Fluency
Lessons for teaching faster reading
Michelle Strowd, Reading Like Rabbits
Lauren Lewis, Speedy Gonzalez! Speedy Readers
Katie Naylor, Get on the Reading Fast Track!
Lisa Wells, Reading Fast and Fluently
Ellie Austin, Get the Chicks in the Coop
Tamra Swindall, Speedy Readers
Kisha Tolbert, Daytona 500
Lauren Byrd, Reaching to Read
Lessons for teaching smoother or more expressive reading
Jackie Courtney, Dirty Dan ISN'T Dull!
Amanda Starnes, Be Expressive!
Lindsey Odom, Read With Expression!
Allison Felton, Reading With Expression Is Fun!
Sara Knight, Loving to Read While Learning to Express!
Marie Nicol, Show Me How You Feel!
Lindsey Tomlinson, Express Yourself!
Larkin Ade, Let's Show Some Expression
Angel Jackson, Smooth Reading, Yeah!
Vicki Hunter, Reading Express
Katie Allred, Exceptional Expression!
Amy Strickland, Express Yourself!
April Casey, Eloquent Experts
Jess Putnam, Express Yourself
Lessons for teaching silent reading
Melissa Henry, Shh . . . Reading Time
Sarah Keel, SHHHHH! It's Reading Time
Joni Bishop, Shh! I'm Reading!
Cara Anspaugh, It's Silent Time!
Amy Chastang, Why Is It So Quiet?  Shh, We Are Reading!
Laura Meadors, Silence, a Key to Successful Reading
Lessons for teaching children to read voluntarily and avidly
Amy Woodruff, Voluntary Reading? Be a Book Worm
Leslie Scott, Teaching Voluntary Reading
Kylee Benefield, Beginning to Read
Lindsay Bailey, Come Join Our Book Club!

IV. Reading to Learn
Lessons for teaching summarization
Jennifer Brooks, Teaching Summarization
Amanda Starnes, Summarizing to Understand!
Allison Felton, Sum It Up to Learn the Most!
Sara Knight, Steps to Summarization!
Michelle Strowd, What's So Important?
Joni Bishop, Now That's the Important Stuff!
Marie Nicol, Short BUT Important
Lindsey Tomlinson, Comprehension in the Cold
Larkin Ade, The Map of Summarization
Lisa Wells, Simple Summarization
Vicki Hunter, Easy Steps for Summarization
Ellie Austin, Soaring Through Summarization
Cara Anspaugh, Important Details
Katie Allred, "Beary" Super Summarizing!
Tamra Swindall, Learning to Summarize
Amy Strickland, In Your Own Words
Lindsay Bailey, Short and Sweet
Lauren Byrd, Columbus in a Summary
April Casey, Five Step Summary
Jess Putnam, Look Who's Summarizing!
Lessons for teaching visualization
Katy McCay, How Does a Pumpkin Grow?
Lauren Lewis, Picture This!
Angel Jackson, Seeing What You're Reading!
Laura Meadors, Can You See It?
Kisha Tolbert, Reading Power Through Visualizations
Lessons for teaching children about story grammar
Riley Edwards, Reading to Learn
Lindsey Odom, Read It and Remember It!
Katie Naylor, Stay on Track With Story Mapping!
Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Sarah Grimes, Skinny and Fat Questions
Amy Chastang, All the Right Questions