Mama, do you Love Me?

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Emergent Literacy

By: Hannah Tucker


Rational: The two best predictors of skillful readers are phonemic awareness and letter recognition (Adams). Students have to understand letter-to-sound correspondence before they can learn to read and write. This lesson is to teach the written letter m and the phonemic sound of m. The students will learn how to write letter m. They will have practice in identifying m words.

Paper and pencil
A copy of the book Mama, do you love me?
M&M candy
A board to demonstrate on
A worksheet with different pictures on it
Examples: mouse, mama, muffin, money, car, phone, pencil, mountain, etc.

1. Explain Why:
-Students we have been learning a lot of new letters and there sounds. Today, we are going to learn a new letter.

 2. Review:
- I will review all the letters we have learned up to letter m.
- Then I will ask each child a different letter and what sound it makes.
- When we got up to letter m, I will ask the students what they think what the next letter we are going to learn is. Hopefully, they will say m.

3. Explain How
- Next, I will explain how we are going to learn about the letter m.
- Today, class we are going to play a game called I Spy. Then we will read a story about children and their mothers.
-Has anyone every eaten something really good and said MMMMM that’s good. Well put your lips together and push the m sound out. As you are saying the MMMM sound, rub your tummy like you are eating your favorite food.

 4. Model
- Then I will tell them to repeat a tongue twister using the MMM sound (My mama is making me macaroni).
- We will repeat this sentence several times while rubbing our stomach to the sound.

5. Simple Practice
- Now let’s learn how to make an upper case M.  Ok, we will start at the sky and draw a straight line to the dirt.  Now draw a line from the sky all the way to the dirt that is diagonal.  Then make another diagonal line up to the sky going in the other direction.  Once you reach the sky this time, draw a straight line down and you are finished.
- The students will learn how to write the lower and upper case M.
- We will learn how to write the letter m, starting with the lower case.  Start at the fence, go straight down to the dirt, then go back up that straight line and near the top of your line go out and touch the fence and make a little hill, go down to the dirt and then make another little hill just like you did before.
- I will model on the board how to write the lower case m for the students will see what I have done.
- Then I will ask the students to write the lower case m ten times.
- The students will write the upper case letter M ten times.
- To finish the students will draw something that starts with an M.

6. Whole Text
- I will introduce the story Mama, do you love me? I will show the title. Ask for any predictions.
- Then I will read the story aloud.
- While reading the story, ask the students to rub their tummy when they hear the m sound.

7. Assessment
- Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the m sound through oral responses and activities.
- After practicing how to write the letter m, the students will participate in an I Spy game. Using pictures and games around the room play a game called. The teacher will give a description of a picture or an object that starts with the letter m. Students will respond by saying, I spy (name of the object i.e.; monkey, map, etc).
- Have students point to the object. The teacher will acknowledge and restate the name of the object.
- Remind or question students to repeat the beginning sound of the object or picture. End this activity by sharing a special treat. Give every child an M&M candy. Tell the children to hold it in their hand until you give a signal. Ask the children to tell you what letter is on the candy. Once they have responded tell them to place it in their mouths and make the sound of M.
- For homework, I will give students a sheet with many different pictures on it. They will have to circle the pictures that begin with an M.

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Summary. Champaign: Center for the Study of Reading Research and
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Christine Lenoir, July 6,1999,%20do%20you%20love%20me

Miss Molly the Mouse by: Rebecca Smith

 MMMM MMMM Good by: Gina Thomas

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