Darren Gordon

The Big Green Monster


 Growing Independence and Fluency


It is very important for students to be able to read smoothly and proficiently.  If a student does not master oral reading fluency that will most likely stay behind in class.  During this lesson the students will increase their oral reading fluency by reading a selected story multiple times during shared and paired readings.


1.  Go Away, Big Green Monster
2.  chart paper
3.  colored markers or crayons
4.  index cards
5.  white construction paper
6.  assessment rubric
7.  literacy center checklist






Write the text from Go Away, Big Green Monster! on chart paper using colored markers or crayons to match the color words found in the story.


Gather index cards and markers for students to make a memory card game during a literacy center activity.


Copy each line of the story onto sentence strips for students to use in a literacy center activity.


Gather a class set of markers or crayons and white construction paper for students to draw their monsters.


Create a big green monster pointer from felt or construction paper to use during the shared and paired readings activities (optional).

Instruction and Activities
1.  Today we are going to be reading Go Away, Big Green Monster!
2.  Display the text from Go Away, Big Green Monster! on chart paper and introduce the story to the whole class.
3.  Now lets all read the story together.  Now I want all the boys to read a line.  Okay, now all the girls can read the next line.  Reading the story multiple times in alternative formats builds fluency, adds interest, and speeds word recognition.
4.  I would like you all to notice the colored words in the story.  Do you recognize the color name from the print color?
5.  I would like you all to notice words in the story that are listed on the word wall or can be connected to words on the word wall.
6.  Now I want the class to break up into groups of four.  I have some activities set up at each center for you to complete.  I would like you to complete the checklist as you complete each activity.


Computer center. Have pairs of students listen to the audio for the online version of Go Away, Big Green Monster! and read along with the text to practice fluency and word recognition skills.


Memory card game center. Have students work in groups of three or four at this literacy center. Each student will need to copy the color words from the story onto index cards to use for a memory game. To play the game, students combine the individually made sets of color cards into one deck. The deck is then laid out, face down, into a matrix. Students take turns turning over pairs of cards to make a match of two color words, reading each color word aloud as cards are turned over.


Word family center. In this literacy center, students choose words from the story Go Away, Big Green Monster! to generate word family lists. Direct the students to begin their word family lists by selecting words from the story that they already know. Have them drop the beginning letter (onset) and create a list of new words by substituting different beginning letters to the word ending (rime). Students can then add these words to their personal dictionaries.


Sentence strip center. Have student work cooperatively in pairs to arrange sentence strips with the lines of the story in correct order. Include the chart paper with the text of the story in this center for student reference. This activity encourages rereading of the story in an alternative format to build word recognition, oral reading fluency, and understanding of story sequencing. The center provides an opportunity for self-assessment as the pairs of students can compare their sequencing of the strips to the actual story.


Maureen Gerard
Sierra Vista, Arizona

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