icky stuff

Darren Gordon


 Ick, Ick, Icky


Rationale:  This lesson covers phonemic awareness, decoding, blending, spelling patterns, and dictation. It can be used as an introduction or a follow up lesson.
Students will be able to identify letters and sounds associated with the
-ick word family. Students will be able to decode words with the -ick sound. Students will be able to spell words with the -ick spelling pattern.

1.  Chart with -ick words
2.  index cards with -ick words
3.  highlight tape
4.  white boards and markers
5. -ick poem from Fun Phonograms - Learning How Words Work, by Trisha Callella.

Phonemic Awareness Warm-up

·      “I’m going to tell you some things that might happen at our school.  If they are good, I want you to say mmmm!  If they are yuck and icky, I want you to say “-ick”.
You got gum on your shoe
o       Someone shows their food at lunch
o       We get to eat cinnamon rolls
o       Someone has a runny nose
We get to watch a movie
o       Someone gets sick at lunch

 Spelling pattern and decoding

·        Show the –ick sound and chart with –ick words. (cover the –ick)

o       Chart words:

lick            chopstick     tricky   
chicken quickly sickly

                                    I got seasick on the boat.

 Practice blending and spelling

·        Tell children you are going to pass out cards with –ick words.  They should find the –ick chunk and highlight it with tape.   Read the card silently.  Share with a partner.
·        Read cards as you take them back up.  Make sentences with any unfamiliar words.

homesick          yardstick          sticker  lipstick
toothpick          ticket    wicker  slicker
o       bicker   click                 sidekick            lovesick
o       trickle   nickel   tickle    drumstick
candlestick  cricket   broomstick thicken

 Dictation and composition

·        Use white boards to write sentences with –ick words. 

That man did a card trick.
My dog chased a stick.
My dad lit the wick on the candle. 

Apply the lesson

·        Choral read a decodable text with –ick words.

·        Find all the –ick words.

Students may be given sentences to complete using the -ick word family.
Students may be asked to read a selection to the teacher that contains the -ick word family.
Student may do a web of -ick words.

Shannon Nettles
Muscle Shoals City
Webster Elementary School


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