The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Class



Marissa Anderson
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Rationale: The goal of Fluency is for the reader to present effortless word recognition and to read with expression. This lesson is designed to emphasize and practice the readerÔs fluency.



 Book: The day JimmyÔs Boa Ate the Wash. ReaderÔs theater script (enough copies for each student.)



1.)    introduce lesson by explaining that fluency is important, why and what fluency is. This week we will practice and perform a play for the class.

2.)    Pass out the readerÔs theater scripts, explain that some students will be readers while others will be actors and  that everyone will get a chance to do both at some point during the lesson.

3.)    Have students practice reading the script silently, and tell them to think of how they could act out the story.

4.)    Call on students to come up and present the story through acting and oral reading.


For assessment the teacher can use judgments on how well the students presented the story (comprehension) and how well the reading parts were read (Fluency).



For more information on reading and fluency visit the reading genie website: