Sound of the Runners, h = /h/



Marissa Anderson
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Rationale: To read, children will need to understand that there are letters that represent mouth moves in language. This lesson will help students identify the h= /h/ phoneme.


Materials: Primary paper and pencil, drawing paper and crayons, h=/h/ phoneme illustration card of runners, Chart paper with 'Hungry Howie Has Hairy Hands' printed clearly on it.



1.      Introduce the lesson by explaining that language is made up of words, and that those words are made up of individual sounds, or mouth moves. Today we will be working on the h=/h/ mouth move.

2.      Illustrate the h=/h/ mouth move, using the illustration of the runners. Pant aloud as though you have been running a marathon.

3.      Try the tongue twister on the chart: "Hungry Howie has hairy hands." Let's say that three times together. Now lets' say it and stretch out the /h/ sound at the beginning of the words; "Hhhhhhungry Hhhhhhowie hhhhhas hhhhhairy hhhhhands." Let's say it one last time, this time saying the /h/ sound separately from the rest of the word;   "/H/ ungry /H/ owie /h/ as /h/ airy /h/ ands."

4.      Get out your paper and pencil, we can use the letter h to spell out /h/. Start at the roof as though you were dropping a ball from there, and drop down to the ground, then, without lifting your pencil, bounce up to the fence and back to the ground one time. Let me see every one's h. Once I have seen your h I want you to write 5 more just like it.

5.      Lets see if we can find the /h/ in Baha. I will stretch it out and you raise your hand when you hear it! B-a-h-a. b-b-a-a-h-h- there! Good job!!

6.      Do you hear /h/ in hat or bat? Fart or heart? Heat or meat?

7.      Go over the chant one last time, have students pant aloud when they hear the /h/ Hungry, Howie, has, hairy, hands, he, went to Baha.

8.    To assess the children you should listen to their readings to see if they are reading the /h/ sound properly.



For more information on reading and phoneme awareness visit the reading genie website: