/oo/ /oo/ /oo/ is cool! (same as cookie crisp howl.), oo = /oo/



Marissa Anderson
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a)     For an emergent reader, vowel correspondences can be the key to deciphering the alphabetic code. This lesson is aimed at the oo = /oo/ correspondence.

b)    This activity will help students learn this digraph = sound relationship (oo= /oo/).

c)     Materials needed include: paper and pencil, and Miss Moo goes to the Zoo decodable text, Letter boxes, Letters needed are oo, m, z, b, t, l,, n, f, s, p, k.

d)    Procedures:

1.)  Introduce the lesson by telling the students that today we will be working on the oo = /oo/ relationship.  

2.)  Have students read the predictable text Miss Moo goes to the Zoo.

3.)  Begin a letterbox lesson with the oo = /oo/ relationship:




        Too (2)






Letters needed are oo, m, z, b, t, l,, n, f, s, p, k

1)     Begin with 2 letter boxes. Tell the students that oo makes the /oo/ sound. And that there can only be one sound in each box.

2)     Say the word that you would like the child to say; ex: I would like you to spell moo mmmoooooo. Like what a cow says.

3)     Continue with each word in this same way, saying the word then stretching it out.

4)     If the child misspells a word, pronounce it the way they have spelled it, then allow for time to self-correct. If the child still cannot spell the word correctly, then provide the correct spelling.

4.)  Review letterbox words. Stretch each word out to have the children pick out to /oo/ sound. Allow the student to read the words on his/her own.

5.)   Allow children to write a message. Encourage them to use a oo = /oo/ word in their message.

e)     Through observation and discussion I will know whether or not the student has comprehended the lesson.

f)      For more information on letter box lessons, or phonemic awareness visit the reading genie website at www.auburn.edu/rdggenie