Mmmm! That Is delicious!
Emergent Literacy
Mitzi Milam

Rationale: Child will learn to recognize phonemes to realize what words have a matching sound that corresponds with the actual letter.  The lesson will help the child learn to recognize the /m/ sound with meaningful examples.

Material:1) lined paper 2) pencil 3) tablet with tongue twister including the sound, which is focused on in the lesson.

1) Introduce the lesson by a quick explanation of the /m/ phoneme.  Today we will discuss a sound that you probably make even when you donât realize it.
2) Have you ever eaten one of your favorite foods and made a sound with your lips pressed together?  I bet it sounded like this, /m/.  You try it.
3) Letâs see if we can say a tongue twister with the /m/ sound.  ã My mother milked a marvelous mooing cow named Minny.ä Now, say it with me. (repeat) Try it again and stress each /m/ sound when you come to it.
4) Have child write the tongue twister, then go back and underline all of the letters that make the /m/ sound.  Start at the roof and make sure each letter finds its way to the carpet.  Like this.  Model the first word to show how to make the curves in each letter.
5) Now Iâm going to read out a list of food.  If you enjoy eating the specific type of food say /m/.  If not say /oo/.
6) Read Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and talk about the story.  Read again and have student fill in the word monkeys by stressing the /m/ sound.
7) Have student identify each item in the book that starts with the /m/ phoneme.

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