Susan K. Kemp
Growing Independence and Fluency

Fluency is the Key!

Rationale: Children need to be able to read and decode words in decodable texts and other books.  By reading decodable texts children become more fluent.  This lesson is designed to help children read decodable texts.  This lesson will also aid children in writing.
Materials: Pencil, paper, library books, crayons, white paper, construction paper, and stop watch.
Procedures: 1. The lesson will be introduced by taking the students to the library.  The students will be able to check out a book of their choice, but the teacher will have to approve it.
2. When the students return from the library they will have time to read for thirty minutes.  Class, now we are going to have some quiet time so we can read our books silently or to ourselves.  We will have thirty minutes to read so you can stay at your own pace.  Remember to use cross checking and cover-ups if you come to a word that does not make sense.
3. When the thirty minutes is up, the children will be able to practice their writing.  Class, now that reading time is over you can create you own ending to the story you chose.  Try to think of a new way that you would like the story to end.
4. Now the class will break into even groups and share their endings with their group.  The group will decide which one to share with the rest of the class.
5. This will be the time to teach a minilesson on a new correspondence.  An example of this would be -igh.  The phonememe is -igh=/I/.
6. The students need to be assessed individually.  The students will choose a classroom text and will read for a minute.  The teacher will use a stopwatch to keep track of the times.  To increase the childâs fluency, they need to be tested 2-3 times.
7.For assessment, the teacher needs to have read some of each studentâs individual books.  The teacher should work with each student and focus in on the their decoding ability.  The student's decoding strategies are very important because faster decoding means more fluent reading.

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