Emergent Literacy
Amanda Bates

                     Bouncing B 

Rationale:  To learn to read and write, children need phonemic awareness.  This lesson and activity will help students hear and recognize the phoneme /b/ in spoken words.  This recognition in spoken words, along with the awareness of other phonemes and alphabetic insight, will help the student to read and spell words.

Materials:  Riddles prepared by teacher (examples given below)
                  The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss

1. Introduce lesson by explaining that words are made up of individual phonemes.  Say:  ãToday we will learn how to move our mouths when we say the letter B.  Put your lips together.  Now make your lips /b/ /b/ bounce.  Thatâs the sound of the letter B.  Now say, ãBilly bought Brandy a brand new ball.ä  Notice how we /b/ /b/ bounce our lips each time we say a /b/ word.  ãLetâs all /b/ /b/ bounce our lips some more.ä

2. Use the following riddles and others to use the bouncing just learned by the students.
What word rhymes with pig and starts with /b/?                                                (big)
What word rhymes with cook and starts with /b/?                                             (book)
Iâm thinking of something that you hit with a bat.  It starts with /b/.                 (ball)
Iâm thinking of the color of the sky.  It begins with /b/.                                     (blue)
Iâm thinking of something a spider walks on.  It ends with /b/.                         (web)
Iâm thinking of a furry animal that hops.  It has /b/ in the middle.                    (rabbit)
Iâm thinking of the ocean what is the name of the sand?  It starts with /b/.       (beach)
What is something yellow that you put on your food?                                       (butter)                                                                        (You usually put this on baked potatoes.)

3. Optional clues may be given by showing a picture of the answer.  This will help the students say the name and isolate the phoneme.

4.  Read The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss.  Choose children to isolate the words that contains the phonemes /b/.  Say:  ãI am going to read part of the page, then I am going to call on someone to tell me which word we bounce our lips with.  Which word makes s /b/ /b/ bounce our lips?ä  This can be used as an assessment while integrating whole text.

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