Lesson Designs from Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
July 2001

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I. Emergent Literacy
Ideas for teaching letter recognition
Ideas for teaching phoneme awareness with consonants
Elizabeth Smith, Choo Choo
Mitzi Milam, Mmmm! That Is Delicious!
Meredith Evans, Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
Amanda Bates, Bouncing B
Lauren Buck, Sh, Sh, Please Hush
Jara Walden, Mmm Mmm Good!
Jenni Pang, Mmmmm Mmmmm Mushy Marshmallows!
Aimee Manor, "Miss"chievous Snakes
Sarah Grizzle, Mmm Mmm Good!
Jenny Earnest, Pajama Party!
Shannon Ashworth, Buzz Goes the Bumblebee
Tina Hayles, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ABC's
Liesa Viruleg, The Snake Says, "SSSS!"
Wendy Adams, Mmm Mmm Good
Laura Pope, Molly Mouse
Ideas for teaching phoneme awareness with vowels
Paula Jones, What's That Noise?  It's a Baby Crying!
Susan Kemp, The Sock Hop!
Kelly Terrana, Bobbing for Apples
Kristin Rice, I Can't Stop Itching!
Christina Adams, You've Got the Right One, Baby!
Rachel Coker, Icky Sticky
Lindsey Moore, "AAAAAAAAA!" We Scream on the Roller Coaster
Aimee Gourdouze, Aaachoooo!
Ashley Thompson, The Creaky Door
Heather Brady, Aaaa!  Can You Cry Like a Baby?
Laura deVeer, Pals With Aaa
Melanee Erwin, Open Wide and Say AHH!
Rachel Coker, Say Ahhh! The Doctor Sound
Meredith Coblentz, Olly Octopus Says Ahhh
Brandi Shirley, Ben Is in the Pen
Valerie Shealey, Hide and Seek
Elizabeth Sauter, We Flew With a Baboon
Christy Cooley, Elephants Enjoy Eating Eggs
Michael Kellum, Closing Door E
Allison Raybon, Tim the Tin Man

II. Beginning Reading
Ideas for teaching decoding with short vowels
Meredith Evans, Egg-cellent!
Brandi Shirley, Waaa, Feed Me!
Valerie Shealey, Cry Baby
Liesa Viruleg, Icky Sticky Inchworm
Ideas for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels
Mitzi Milam, Sweep That Street!
Lauren Buck, Shout Out Loud
Laura deVeer, Cake on the Lake
Meredith Coblentz, Do Sheep Sleep?
Tina Hayles, Tweet, Tweet
Ideas for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Elizabeth Smith, Stop That Noise!
Susan Kemp, Chop Chop!
Kelly Terrana, Fishing for Fish
Kristin Rice, Ship Wreck
Christina Adams, Fun With Fish!
Ashley Thompson, Chimps Chew, Too
Heather Brady, Shhhhh!
Jara Walden, Chugga Chugga Choo Choooooo!
Melanee Erwin, Mom Says Shhh!
Lindsey Moore, Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!
Wendy Adams, Shhh . . . Quiet!
Paula Jones, Shhh! You're Too Loud!
Elizabeth Sauter, Splish Splash, We All Took a Bath
Aimee Gourdouze, Choooo! Choooo! Here Comes the Train
Christy Cooley, Girl Gorillas Get Goofy With the Letter G
Allison Raybon, Quack Quack
Laura Pope, The Thing With Math . . .
Ideas for teaching blending
Amanda Bates, The Blending Swing
Jenni Pang, The Blending Water Slide
Aimee Maner, Blending Is a Roller Coaster Ride
Sarah Grizzle, Blast Off With Blending
Jenny Earnest, Blending Best Buddies
Shannon Ashworth, Blast-Off to Blending
Michael Kellum, Blending Blast Off

III. Growing Independence & Fluency
Ideas for teaching faster reading
Susan Kemp, Fluency Is the Key!
Lauren Buck, Reading Racetrack
Heather Brady, Get Ready for the Reading Race!
Jara Walden, Blast Off With Reading Speed!
Rachel Coker, The Race Is On
Brandi Shirley, The Reading Race
Shannon Ashworth, F.Y.I. (Fluency Yields Independence)
Ideas for teaching smoother or more expressive reading
Elizabeth Smith, Use Expression!
Mitzi Milam, Reading Fluency
Meredith Evans, Encore!
Kelly Terrana, Express Yourself
Kristin Rice, Expressions Are Everywhere!
Christina Adams, Express!
Lindsey Moore, Say What?!?
Meredith Coblentz, Let's Read With Expression
Jenni Pang, Hoor-A-y for Ice Cream!
Aimee Maner, Let's Be Eager to Express!
Wendy Adams, Reading With Expression
Sarah Grizzle, Watch Out, Books!  I'm Reading With Expression!
Jenny Earnest, Expression Experts
Paula Jones, Piggy, Piggy, Let Me In!
Tina Hayles, Lights, Camera, and Action!
Valerie Shealey, I Am Growing
Elizabeth Sauter, Let's Be Emotion Detectors!
Liesa Viruleg, Express Yourself!
Christy Cooley, Express Yourself
Allison Raybon, Let's Put a Little Expression in It!
Laura Pope, Using Expression
Ideas for teaching silent reading
Amanda Bates, How Can We Comprehend What We Read?
Ashley Thompson, Quiet--Silent Reading
Laura deVeer, Quiet as a Mouse
Melanee Erwin, Please Read Quietly!
Michael Kellum, Shhh!  We're Reading
Aimee Gourdouze, Silence is Golden