Emergent Literacy Lesson:

“Vacuum that Rug!”

By Leigh Morgan

Beginning Literacy


Rationale:  Prealphabetic readers must first be aware of and familiar with phonemes before being expected to beginning using the alphabetic code.  This lesson will focus on the consonant sound /n/ in words.  The concentration will be phonemic, but the grapheme N will be present to give connection.






Ned is a boy who lived on my street.
He needs new shoes.
I felt sorry for Ned.  His shoes were too small.
I knew I could help.
I was sprouting up.
My shoes were nearly new.
I thought that they might fit Ned.
I do not need them. 
They are too small.
I gave Ned my shoes.
They fit nicely.
New shoes for Ned.


Adams, Marylin.   Beginning to Read. Pg 140-143. The Center for the Study of Reading. 

Illinois. 1990

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