Picture It!

Reading to Learn Design

Jeremy Knowles


When children read they need to be able to visualize what they read.  Visualizing helps them to understand what they are reading as well as use their imagination.  This lesson helps the children to create a picture of what is happening in the story so they can visualize what is going on as they hear the words.




I will assess how well they visualized by looking at their pictures to see if they picked up on details such as “French fries black” and “sugar bowl just broke”. 


Daddy’s Making Dinner   

Daddy’s making dinner
I’ve seen it all before
French fries black and burning
And meat loaf on the floor

Daddy’s making dinner
The sugar bowl just broke
Fido ate the gravy
The house has filled with smoke

Daddy’s making dinner
But I’m not one to moan
Soon he will surrender
And go pick up the phone
Daddy made the dinner
Today’s my lucky day
Dinner’s in the trash can
And pizza’s on the way!
                     --Jeff Mondak

It’s Raining Gumballs!

It’s raining gumballs!
It’s raining gumballs!
It’s quite a wonderous treat.
They’re falling from
the clouds above
and bouncing off the street.

It’s raining gumballs!
It’s raining gumballs!
A sticky, spectacular shower.
I try to catch them
in my mouth
for hour upon hour.

It’s raining gumballs!
It’s raining gumballs!
I’m not sure of the reason,
But I’m glad instead of
just the four,
we’ve not got gumball season!
                            --Arden Davidson


Misti Clifton: Seeing what you read.

It’s Raining Gumballs. (poem)

Daddy’s Making Dinner. (poem)(

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