Fat Freddy Frog

Emergent Literacy



Volandra Holloway


Rationale: This lesson will help students identify /f/. They will practice finding words that contain /f/. (Letter recognition)



Materials: primary paper and pencils; chart with Freddy the frog was frightened by the fly. Picture page with fly, frog, bag, foot, girl, fruit, dog, football, fish.





1.     Say: “Today we’re going to learn about the F=/f/ sound. At first you may not notice but in the end you will be able to see /f/ in many different words.”


2.     Ask students: “Have you ever heard the /f/ sound? Let’s practice, have your teeth touch your bottom lip and blow through your mouth to make the /f/ sound.” [Have the children do this.]


3.     “Let’s practice this tongue twister!” [chart] Freddy the frog was frightened by the fly. “Now each time you hear a /f/ sound, I want you to clap.” [Let the children do this]


4.     [Have the children take out primary paper and pencil.] “Now we will practice writing the letter f. Start at the diving board (bottom line), jump up to the top line, and dive into the water. Then wrap the towel around your waist (middle line).” Have the students write nine more just like it. Practice saying the /f/ sound each time you write it.


5.     Call out different words and ask students: “Do you hear /f/ in four or seven? Frog or girl? Five or ten?”


6.     Read a story that has the /f/ sound. Have students raise their hand each time they hear words with /f/. Write words on board and have children repeat them stretching out the /f/ sound on each word.


7.     Assessment: Pass out the picture page and have students name each picture. Have students color the picture whose names have /f/.



Reference: Mrs. Cil Herndon, K, Auburn Early Education Center, Auburn, AL., 2002.

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