Choo Choo Charlie


Emergent Literacy Design

Skye Carver

Rationale- Before a child can read they must first understand what makes up a word; letters and phonemes, which are correspondences.  Digraphs such as ch=/ch/ is hard for young children to understand.  This lesson is designed to help children recognize digraphs beginning with /ch/.

Materials- poster with tongue twister: Cheer up Charlie; your teacher is bringing chocolate; cards with pictures of a couch, chair, cheese, cherry, and teacher; cards with words:  couch, chair, cheese, cherry, and teacher; the book The Stinky Cheese Man coloring pictures of cat, chart, table, chair, chicken, shovel; crayons, blank paper; primary writing paper.  Flash cards with chase, ship, top, chore, chip cat, catch, push


1.)    Introduce the lesson by telling the students that  we have already learned that c says /k/ and h says /h/.  Now put c and h together to make /ch/.  Let's all say /ch/.  Excellent!

2.)   Who knows what sound a train makes?  That's right CHOO CHOO.  We're going to here a tongue twister about a boy named Charlie and when you here /ch/ I want you to tug on your choochoo train whistle.

3.)   Now we need to find out what this looks like so we are going to write it.  First we're going to make a c and we remember c's we start like an a go up touch the fence then around and up.  Then right beside it we have to write an h.  We remember that too, start at the rooftop and go straight down to the sidewalk and hump over.  Now look!  We have written /ch/.

4.)   Now let's try to see if we can recognize some words with /ch/.  (Show the pictures and see if the child can name them up.)  Now who can tell me something all of these words have in common? 

5.)   Go through a book talk for The Stinky Cheese Man by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.  Proceed through the story and have the children name the words that have the /ch/.  Read the story again page by page. (Waits)

6.)   Now who can tell me in which word they hear the /ch/?  Chase or ship?  Top or chore? Chip or cat? Catch or push?

7.)   Assessment:  Hand out coloring pictures and have the students color the pictures with /ch/ and write the word beside it and have them "x" out the pictures without /ch/. 


Scieszka, Jon and Lane Smith The Stinky Cheese Man

    Waits, Lindsey.  Charlie Chose Cheese.

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