Lesson Designs from Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Spring 2004

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I. Emergent Literacy
Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Laura Estill, Finding F
Courtney Hamby, Vacuuming the V's
Alison Bradley, Tricky T
Susan Schaum, X Marks the Spot
Meagan Spradlin, M & M Mountain
Brice Jackson, Mountain Climbing
Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Emily Wheeler, Alabama Alligators
Kelly McIntosh, Cry Baby
Margaret Beason, Aaa-Aaa-Aaa-Choo!
Kim Willis, Ehhh? Can You Repeat That?
Leigh Morgan, Vacuum That Rug!
Amanda Mahoney, Under the Umbrella
Melissa Hensley, The Icky Sticky Indian
Valerie Lunceford, Marvelous Muffins
Gina Thomas, Mmmm Mmmm Good!
Erin Carey, Sally the Silly Snake
Becky Short, The Baby Is Crying
Volandra Holloway, Fat Freddy Frog
Tanya Ison, Guzzling Good Grape Soda
Lacey Adams, Aaaaaaa! Let's Ride the Roller Coaster
Jenni Anderson, Say Ah . . . OK, Doc
Pam Riddle, Pop, Pop, Popcorn
Maria Chambers, Evil Eagles
Jackie Erd, My Mom's Muffins! (Mmm Mmm Good!)
Lindsay Allen, Ah Ah Ah! Don't Do That!
Lara Wiggins, Aaaaaa! Open Wide, Says the Doctor!
Kristin Herren, Aaaaaaa! You Scared Me!
Lindsey Mizzell, Abby Alligator
Katherine McCartha, Dan Ran and Ran
Margaret Ann Hinshaw, Baby Talk
Ashley Higginbotham, Quack Attack
Leslie McGill, Sid the Silly Slow Sloth
Skye Carver, Choo Choo Charlie
Melissa Roddam, Ssslithering Ssssnake
Lindsay Dick, Count Dracula, Aw, Aw, Aw!
Rebecca Schofield, Uhhh, I'm Thinking
Jeremy Knowles, Baaaaad Baby!
Katie Kirkpatrick, Fishy Fish
Stefanie Berryhill, The Squiggly Snake Says Ssssss . . .
Jessica Evans, Yep! I'm Ready to Learn!
Sally Wilkerson, Silly Sally and Gross Gus
Lessons for teaching print concepts
Cheryl Hicks, So Many Words!

II. Beginning Reading
Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Emily Wheeler, Uncle's Umbrellas
Volandra Holloway, Dad's Fat Hat
Melissa Hensley, Ahhh, Says the Doc
Valerie Lunceford, Extra, Extra, Read All About E!
Gina Thomas, Mr. Piggy
Erin Carey, Nick's Sticky, Icky Fingers
Amanda Mahoney, Under the Umbrella
Becky Short, Uh--I Don't Know
Alison Bradley, Excellent E!
Courtney Hamby, Suppressing Short O
Lacey Adams, Aaaaaa!  Please Don't Cry, Baby!
Jenni Anderson, Icky Fingers
Cheryl Hicks, E-e-e-e-veryday for R-e-e-ed
Jackie Erd, When You Want to Scream "Ugh," a Hug Makes You Feel Snug
Kristin Herren, E-e-e-e-e? Can't Hear You, Sonny!
Skye Carver, Skinny Minnie
Jeremy Knowles, Itchy Richey
Jessica Evans, Aaaa-Aaaa-Apple!
Brice Jackson, Tricky Nicky
Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels
Leigh Morgan, EEEEE! It's a Spider!
Katie Kirkpatrick, The Squeaky Door
Laura Estill, Mike's Kite
Tanya Ison, The Plain Train Sat in the Rain
Maria Chambers, A and I Are Team Players
Katherine McCartha, Made You Mad
Lindsay Allen, Mysterious E: Makes Space a Brave Place
Lara Wiggins, Peaches in the Sea
Kim Willis, A, What Did You Say?
Meagan Spradlin, Ayyyyy, Fonzie
Margaret Ann Hinshaw, Jan or Jane?
Lindsay Dick, A-Okay
Leslie McGill, Lee and the Bee Flee to the Tree
Stefanie Berryhill, /OO/ That's Cool!
Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Kelly McIntosh, Shhh, Said the Fish
Margaret Beason, Sshhh! Shouts the Librarian
Lindsey Mizzell, Charlie Chicken
Pam Riddle, Shhh! Said Miss Trish
Melissa Roddam, Ch, Ch, Chocolate!
Rebecca Schofield, Shh, Do Not Wake the Baby!
Sally Wilkerson, S and H Are a Team
Lessons for teaching blending
Ashley Higginbotham, Balloon Blending
Susan Schaum, Reading Bugs

III. Growing Independence & Fluency
Lessons for teaching faster reading
Jeremy Knowles, Ready, Set, Read!
Laura Estill, Sail Into Reading Fluency
Melissa Hensley, Racing Readers
Valerie Lunceford, Hop Into Speedy Reading!
Gina Thomas, Quick as a Mouse
Becky Short, Speedy Reading
Volandra Holloway, On Your Mark. Get Set. Read!
Tanya Ison, Let's Read
Alison Bradley, I'm Bananas About Reading!
Lacey Adams, Up, Up, and Away With Fluency!
Margaret Beason, Speedy Gonzales on the Racetrack
Pam Riddle, On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!
Maria Chambers, Ready, Set, Read Expressively!
Jackie Erd, Take a Ride on the Reading Railroad . . . Take the Fast Track
Lara Wiggins, It's Fun to be Fluent!
Kim Willis, Ready, Set, Read!
Kristin Herren, On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!
Lindsey Mizzell, 1, 2, 3, Go!
Meagan Spradlin, Reading Faster With Wild Thing
Erin Carey, Reading and Racing With Arthur
Ashley Higginbotham, Flying High in the Reading Sky
Leslie McGill, Quick--Follow That Bear!
Rebecca Schofield, It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No--It's a Fluent Reader!
Brice Jackson, Make Way for Readers!
Sally Wilkerson, Fun With Fluency
Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading
Stefanie Berryhill, Put a Stop to "Choppy and Stoppy" Reading
Katie Kirkpatrick, Express Yourself
Kelly McIntosh, Happy Birthday or Boring Birthday?
Leigh Morgan, To Be or Not To Be:  Reading With Expression
Katherine McCartha, Excited, Sad, Happy, Mad
Jessica Evans, Go Ahead--Say What You Feel!
Emily Wheeler, Exciting Expressions
Amanda Mahoney, 3, 2, 1 . . . Action!
Courtney Hamby, Expression in Action
Lindsay Allen, I Feel the Need to Read!
Jenni Anderson, Happy, Angry, Excited!
Skye Carver, Take Me to Your Reader
Margaret Ann Hinshaw, What Kind of Ladybug Are You?
Lindsay Dick, Lightning Literacy
Melissa Roddam, Express Yourself!
Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly
Susan Schaum, Now You Hear Me, Now You Don't
Cheryl Hicks, Kitty Protector

IV. Reading to Learn
Lessons for teaching summarization
Jenni Anderson, Summarization Station
Emily Wheeler, To Sum It All Up . . .
Kristin Herren, Get the Skinny! Summarize a Story!
Kim Willis, Summing It All Up . . . In Your Own Words
Cheryl Hicks, So What Does All That Mean?
Margaret Beason, Summing It Up Can Be Fun!
Laura Estill, Some Simple Rules to Sum It Up!
Tanya Ison, Let's Summarize
Alison Bradley, Sum It Up!
Gina Thomas, Stormy Summarizing
Jackie Erd, Super Summarizers
Melissa Hensley, Summing Our Way to the End
Erin Carey, Spinning Up a Summary
Margaret Ann Hinshaw, Super! You Can Summarize!
Lacey Adams, Marvelous Summarizers!
Susan Schaum, Say W-W-W-W-Wh-at?
Lindsay Dick, Sum It Up
Leslie McGill, Summarize and Celebrate Earth Day!
Valerie Lunceford, Sensational Summarizers
Skye Carver, Sum It All Up
Lindsay Allen, What's the Big Deal?
Courtney Hamby, Finding the Good Stuff in What We Read
Katherine McCartha, Simply Summarize
Becky Short, Slim and Trim--Sum It Up!
Lara Wiggins, What Am I Reading?
Brice Jackson, Summing Up Winter!
Pam Riddle, In Your Own Words
Jessica Evans, That Sums It All Up!
Stefanie Berryhill, Summarizing Is Fun With Flat Stanley!
Lessons for teaching visualization
Leigh Morgan, Places, Action! Making Mind Movies
Lindsey Mizzell, Shhh! I'm Reading
Meagan Spradlin, Visualizing Sarah, Just Plain and Tall
Volandra Holloway, Use Your Imagination
Amanda Mahoney, Picture This . . .
Kelly McIntosh, Adventures of Visualization
Melissa Roddam, You Must See It to Believe It!
Jeremy Knowles, Picture It!
Rebecca Schofield, Take a Picture With the Camera in Your Head!
Sally Wilkerson, Seeing Is Believing
Lessons for teaching children about story grammar

Ashley Higginbotham, Ollie the Owl Says: Who . . .
Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Maria Chambers, Choosing the Correct Questions
Katie Kirkpatrick, I Can Answer That!