What do you see?
Reading to Learn


Tiffany Taylor




       One of the most important goals for reading is comprehension. To comprehend a story thoroughly children must learn to visualize. Visualization makes the story come alive in your mind and helps the reader makes sense of story events and remember them better. As children get older and become better readers the texts become longer and have fewer illustrations. During this lesson the children will learn to create their own illustration inside their heads.





Thanksgiving Day Parade

By Jack Prelutsky

Thanksgiving Day is here today,
the great parade is under way,
and though it’s drizzling quite a bit,
I’m sure that I’ll see all of it.

Great balloons are floating by,
cartoon creatures stories high,
Mickey Mouse and Mother Goose,
Snoopy and a mammoth moose.

Humpty Dumpty, Smokey Bear
hover in the autumn air,
through the windy skies they sway,
I hope that they don’t blow away.

Here comes Santa, shaking hands
as he waddles by the stands.
It’s so much fun, I don’t complain
when now it really starts to rain.

The bands are marching, here they come,
pipers pipe and drummers drum,
hear the tubas and the flutes,
see the clowns in silly suits.

It’s pouring now, but not on me,
I’m just as dry as I can be,
I watch and watch, but don’t get wet,
I’m watching on our TV set.






Can you see it? By Laura Meadors http://www.auburn.edu/rdggenie/inroads/meadorsrl.html




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