Penny the Pig Plays with the Letter P

Emergent Literacy 

Ashley Rials

Rational: In order for the children to begin reading and spelling, they must first be able to identify the letters. This lesson is designed to help students learn the letter Pp. During this lesson, the students will be able to recognize as well as write the letter Pp.


                        Alphabet Chart


                        Alphabet Magnets

                        Cardboard for each student (measurement 5” x 5’)

                        Chart with “Penny the pig puts on her pretty pink shoes.”

                        Primary Paper and Pencil

                        Worksheet—ABC coloring page

                        Dr. Seuss’ ABC


1.                  Introduce the letter Pp to the students by showing them the letter on the alphabet chart. Express the /p/ sound. “All right, now that we know how to say P let’s say the tongue twister on the chart together. Each time put emphasis /p/ on each P that you read.” Ask the students if they can think of any other words with the /p/ sound. Example: put, pat, Pete. Repeat the words slowly, again with stressed emphasis on the /p/ sound (p – p – put).

2.                  Have students take out primary paper and pencil. “We are going to learn how to write the letter that makes the /p/ sound.” Then show the students how to form the capital letter and then the lower case letter. After checking their work, say “Now I need you to make a line of P and a line of p.”

3.                  Call on a student to give the answer to the following questions: “Do you hear /p/ in frog or pear? Put or Kite? Pink or white? Listen for the /p/ sound in these words. When you hear /p/ quietly clap your hands.” Slowly read aloud the tongue twister, allow time for students to clap their hands when they hear the /p/: “Penny the pig puts on her pretty pink shoes.”

4.                  Show the students what they will be making in class. (Magnetic alphabet letters glued on cardboard to make P and p.) Be sure to explain the directions carefully. You might want to write them on the board in case they need to refer back to them.

5.                  “Today, we are going to be making the letter P and p out of our magnetic alphabet letters. Each of you will get a piece of cardboard. Find the lowercase l and glue the magnetic side to your board. Now take one lowercase c and glue it to the board to form P. Use the same letters to make p.”

6.                  Allow time for glue to dry.

7.                  Read the page on P from Dr. Seuss’ ABC.


Students will also be given a coloring page with the letter P to complete. If students still need additional practice, you may refer back to number 2 and have them write the letter over again.


Jamie Ann Mathis

Buddy the Bee Bats Balls with the Letter B

Alphabet Coloring Page

Lesson adapted by Ashley Rials

Written by Jamie Ann Mathis

Geisel, T. Dr. Seuss’ ABC. 1963.

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