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Erin McGinnis

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Rationale: When children start reading fluently, it is important to make sure they are comprehending what they read as well. Strategies can be learned and practiced to improve reading comprehension. The goal of this reading lesson is to teach comprehension strategies to fluent readers, by focusing on reading "jobs" while working in reading teams. Group discussion about what they read, will help the comprehension process.


Materials: Posters that describe the jobs (Discussion Director, Passage Master, Word Wizard, and the Connector), dry erase board, dry erase markers, pen and paper for each group to take notes, dictionary, different age appropriate novel for each reading team (The Boxcar Children, by Gertrude Chandler Warner or Goosebumps by R.L. Stein).



1)      First, the teacher should review silent reading strategies with the entire group. "Boys and girls, tell me some important things to remember when reading silently. What is important about reading silently? That is right, you can read at your own pace and use your imagination. Today we are going to practice some strategies you can use to read silently and comprehend what you are reading at the same time!"

2)      Next, show the students the posters with the different job descriptions, and explain what each person will do in the reading team.

3)      It might be beneficial to put a paragraph on the board and model the different jobs to the students.

4)      The discussion director will ask the group questions about the chapter and lead a group discussion about what they read silently. The passage master will pick a few of his or her favorite parts in the chapter, and explain to the group why he or she particularly liked that part of the chapter. They can ask questions to the group such as, "Do you like that part too or is there a part you like better?" The Word Wizard is in charge of finding words that they may not know or have seen before and explaining their meaning to the group. The Connector will choose different parts of the chapter and explain how those parts relate to his or her life.

5)      Ask if there are any questions before they break into groups. After they are answered, break the class into groups of four of similar reading levels. The group's book should be assigned according to their reading level and abilities. The teacher can assign jobs within each reading team or have each student draw from a jar. The teacher will specify what chapter they want the group to read from their particular book.

6)      After they read silently, they will do their jobs in the group and discuss the book. This is a great way to practice comprehension in a fun way.

7)      For assessment, I will go around and listen to the group discussion to assure comprehension. After they do this one time, I will assign another chapter and have them draw for a different job. Each time they do a different job they will write their thoughts and the things they brought up for discussion on a loose leaf paper and turn them in so that the teacher can see that they are participating and comprehending the text.



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