Tricky, Tricky Bingo

By: Lori Hunter


Rationale: Before children can learn to read they must have a firm understanding of the meaning and phoneme of a letter (Adams). The predictor of student’s success in their ability to read is letter recognition. The goal for this lesson is to introduce and hopefully discover the some letters of the alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes. The letter of this lesson will concentrate the most on is the upper and lower case letter t. Once the children are able to recognize the letter t then the students will be introduced to phoneme.



·        Cards with the alphabet (one letter on each card)

·        Chips and markers

·        Primary paper

·        Pencil



  1. Sing the alphabet song. As you sing have a picture of the alphabet letters and point to them as you say them. Have the children sing along with you. When you come to the letter t, ask if any of the children know a word that starts with t?
  2. The teacher will then pass out a handout that looks like a bingo card. On the card (in each box) some letters of the alphabet. Then pass out the chips so they can cover up the letter at the teacher say it. Then begin to play bingo. Once a child has called bingo he or she will call the letters back to the teacher making the correct sound that letter makes or a word that starts with that letter.
  3. Once the children have completed bingo get them to get out there paper and a practice writing the letter t. The teacher might explain when writing an uppercase T draw a line going down and at the top it needs to cross. Then explain while writing a lowercase t it is just a teenager, not as tall as daddy but not short either, cross at the fence.
  4. Then read a book (any book) and when the children hear a word that starts with t have them tap there heads.
  5. To assess what students have gained from this lesson, have the students go around the school and find things that start with the letter t and point them out. I will see how the students do by pointing out the letters and how they say the right saying when they read their bingo cards back to me.




Adams, Marilyn. Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning about Print-A Summary. Champaign. Center for the study of Reading Research and Education Center, 1990.