Beating, Beating B

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Emergent Literacy


Anna Hughes



To help children begin to read and spell they must be able to identify letters and the phonemes.  During this lesson, the letter b, in print, and the phoneme /b/ in spoken words will be taught during this lesson.

Primary paper
Chart that says: “Bill and Betty baked brown bread for Barbara’s baby.”
8 cards with pictures and words of “B” words
8 cards with pictures and words like: book, bat, tub, bottom, brown, fumble, scribble, bath
A sheet with pictures of “B” words and without “B” words.
Bouncing on the Bed book



1)  We will begin by reviewing the letters previously taught.  We will discuss both the letter and the phoneme and I will ask the students for example words for the phonemes.

2)  I will write the letter “B” on the board and ask if anyone knows this letter.  “Does anyone know any words that start with this letter?”  I will sound out /b/ for the students many times.

3)  “Does anyone hear the /b/ in beating?  Ok, good.  Now when you hear the /b/, tap on your chest like the beating of your heartbeat.

4)  “Now we’re going to try our tongue twister, Bill and Betty baked brown bread for Barbara’s baby.”  “Now everyone say it once.”  “Now, I want everyone to say it again, but this time stretching out the /b/ “Bbbbill and Bbbbetty bbbbaked bbbbrown bbbbread for Bbbbarbra’s bbbbaby.”  “Next, we’re going to say it again, but let’s break off the /b/:  “/B/ ill and /B/ etty /b/ aked /b/ rown /b/ read for /B/ arbara’s /b/ aby.”

5)  Give each child a piece of primary paper and pencil and tell them how we can spell the letter /b/.  “Let’s do it together:  Go straight down from the rooftop to the sidewalk; around for his big chest, and around for his big tummy.  After I have given you a sticker I want you to write the /B/ on your paper 5 more times.”  After everyone is done, show them how to write a lowercase b:  start at the rooftop, go down, b-bbounce up and around.  Everybody try it.  When you are done, please raise your hand so I can see it and write the lowercase b 5 times.”

6)  “I want you to raise your hand when you know the answer to the following questions:  Do you hear /b/ in book or took? Bat or sat? tub or rub? Bath or math?...Show the students the cards with the pictures.  When you hear the /b/, tap on your chest like the beating sound of your heart.

7)  Read the book, Bouncing on the Bed.  Have the students tap on their chest when they hear the /b/ sound.  Practice with the title making sure everyone hears the /b/ sound.  Have the students use invented spelling to write a sentence about one thing they learned from the story.  Display their work.

8)  For the assessment hand the students a worksheet with different pictures asking them to circle the ones that have the /b/ sound.


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