Dan’s Dancing Dog

Emergent Literacy Design

Katie Burns


Rationale: Children need to understand the individual sounds letters make in order to learn to read and write. These sounds are called phonemes. The goal of this lesson is that children will be able to recognize the phoneme /d/. Children will learn to identify the phoneme /d/ and recognize it in everyday words by learning a meaningful symbol and the letter representation.


Materials: Primary paper and pencil

                  Chart with “Dan’s dancing dogs dared to deliver the dirt”

                  Index cards with the following words: dog, dirt, cat, ball, hand, dare, boat, hat, pond, sad

                  Chart paper and markers

                  Book: Tots on Dots by: Veronica Angel

                  Picture page containing pictures of the following items: pond, bat, dog, desk,

                             cat, door, hand, pencil, book, boat, drum, drink



1.)    Introduce the lesson by explaining that we have 26 letters and each of these letters make a particular sound or gesture. We have to move our mouth in certain ways to produce these sounds.

2.)    Today we are going to talk about the /d/ sound and the gesture needed to make the sound. Can anyone tell me what letter makes the /d/ sound?  Very good, it’s the letter d. Some words that have the /d/ sound are dog and dancing. Can anyone else think of words that have the /d/ sound?

3.)    I want all of us to look at the sentence I have on this paper. Let’s see if we can read this tongue twister. “Dan’s dancing dogs dared to deliver the dirt.” Very good! Now I want us to read it again and this time separate the /d/ from the rest of the word like this; /d/ an’s /d/ ancing….. Let’s see if we can do it.

4.)    Now let’s take out our paper and pencil and practice writing some d’s. First I will show you how on the board. First we’re going to make a little c and then little d (model slowly how to produce the letter). Now I want you to try. I will come around and see how you’re doing. I want each of you to do this 5 times.

5.)    Now I want to do an activity. I have picture cards here. I am going to hold up the cards and say the word. If you hear a /d/ I want you to tap your desk 2 times. (Hold up the cards and say the words).

6.)    Let’s read a book together. This book is called Tots on Dots. After I read the book we will discuss it as a class and then I will read it again slowly. This time when I read it I want you to tap 2 fingers in the palm of your hand whenever you hear the /d/ sound.

7.)    For assessment I will pass out a picture page with pictures that do and do not contain the letter d. I will explain to the children what each picture is so that there is no confusion. I will have the children circle the pictures that contain the letter d. I will walk around and monitor the children while they are doing this.    



         Angel, Veronica. Tots and Dots. Readings A-Z.    


               Gainor, Brandi. Oh Say Can You DDDD!


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