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Research-Based Lessons From Preservice Teachers

Auburn University

Fall 2012


I. Emergent Literacy 

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Liz Cosper, H, H, Huffing and Puffing
Taylor Willis, Gulping Down Great Grape Juice with G
Madison Boyd, Licking Our Lips With L
Megan Stephenson, Chubby Chimps Chugging Chocolate Milkshakes
Lauren Singer, Crackling Pop Rocks with K

Meredith Kizer, Popping P's and Popcorn

Blair Smith, The Race to Catch Letter R

Kristen Goodson, Stay Sneaky Says the Snake
Jamie Smith, Say "Ch-cheese"

Ava Sewell, The Mommies on the Bus Say Shhh Shhh Shh!

Moriah Spivey, Oh Lovely L!
Caroline Duffy, Take Time to Learn T

Sarah Drawdy, Pop Popcorn With P
D.D. Knight, Drill a New Word With D
Leigh Wagner, Vicky's Very Violet Vacuum
Rebecca Tarleton, Click the Camera!
Heather Sherrell, Wailing WEEEE on a Wild Ride!
Jennifer Russell, Tap the Tambourine for T
Alyssa Gilman, Hissssing Snake Says SSSssss
Martha Emanuel, B the B-b-b-b-beating Heart

Katie Bolander, The Gulping Girl
Jessica Wilson Choo Chooing with Ch
Kayla Wesley, David at the Disco
Lindsay  Borgschulte, Drive a car with V – Vroom Vroom

Kristin Bunyard, The Talking T!
Michelle Jones, Chugging Along with CH 

Sharly Citizen, The Clock Goes TTTick TTTick
Christina Statler, Be a Ticking Clock with T
Miranda Lewis, Do You Hear the Sink Drip-p-p-ping?
Kelsey Hendrix, Bbbb Bounce the Ball
Elizabeth Smith, Shave Your Face With V
Kelsey Fourroux, It's Time for Teaching
Courtney Leyde, Charging Down the Track with CH
Turquoise Dillard, Silly Sally Sue Sizzling Hot Sausage
Ashley Kinsey, Tick Tock T
Katie Nirschl, Mmm, That Was Good

Anne Barron, SSS the Super Snake Goes sss
Sarah Plier, Ticking Time Machines Say T, T, T . . .
Savannah Roberts, The B-b-b-b-bouncing Basketball
Lyndsey Tenney, Sneaky Snake
Emily Colburn, Gulping a Soda with G
Jenny Rodriguez, Catch Your Breath With H
Lauren Sprouse, Sally the Hissing Snake

Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Jessica Rush, Julie the Jaguar

Lessons for teaching print concepts, segmentation, or blending


II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Kayla Wesley, Ick!

Heather Sherrell, O, O, O at the Doctor
Rebecca Tarleton, Ah,  Ah, Ah, Open Wide!
Leigh Wagner, "AAAAHHHHH! " Sings the Choir
Jamie Smith, Silly Billy Swims

Meredith Kiser, Don't Grab the Ants, /a/!

Moriah Spivey, Lunch With /u/
Jennifer Russell, "Aaaa! I'm Scared!" Says Short A
Alyssa Gilman, Icky Sticky

Martha Emanuel, "Aaaaaa," Says the Crying Baby
Jessica Wilson, Say "Ahhh" Says the Doctor 
Katie Bolander, Eh? What did you say? I can't hear you
Sarah Drawdy, AAA I'm Scared!
Blair Smith, Ahh! Now That's Refreshing!
Madison Boyd, "Aaaaaahh, I'm Scared!" said /a/

Michelle Jones,  The Doctor Says "aaaahhhh"

Sharly Citizen, Yuuuck a Buuug
Christina Statler, Itty Bitty /i/
Miranda Lewis, Uhhh...Do You Hear That Sound?
Kelsey Hendrix, The Sub Says Uhhh!
Kelsey Fourroux, Uhh?? Is There a Bug Under the Rug?
Courtney Leyde, Uhhhh . . . I Don't Know

Turquoise Dillard, Aaaaaaa!!! I Want Ice Cream
Ashley Kinsey, Icky Sticky I
Jessica Rush, Ellie the Elephant Entered the Elevator Excitedly
Anne Barron, What Does the Doctor Say? Ah!!
Sarah Plier, "My Allergies are Acting Up . . . AAAAChooo!"
Savannah Roberts, "Aaaaa-choo" . . . Allie the Alligator has Alergies
Emily Colburn, Icky Sticky Snickers
Jenny Rodriguez, Smelling Icky i's
Lauren Sprouse, Icky Sticky

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Kristen Goodson, Ay There!
Lauren Singer, The Horn goes Beep, Beep, Beep 
Liz Cosper, Ay, How Are You?
Taylor Willis, Ow, Now I get it!
D.D. Knight, Sing a New Word With A
Caroline Duffy, Aaaayyy I See
Lindsay Borgschulte, OOOOOOH NOOOOOO
Kristin Bunyard, The Tune That Amuses!
Ava Sewell, Ay? What Did You Say?
Elizabeth Smith, "BOO! Happy Halloween!" Said the Ghost
Katie Nirschl, I, I, I, I

Lyndsey Tenney, Oh, I Knew That!

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Megan Stephenson, Sh, Sh its Shelia the Shark shaking the shells

Lessons for teaching spelling

III. Growing Independence & Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading
Blair Smith, Junie B. Jones is Captain Fluency
Heather Sherrell, Flying Towards Fluency with Baby Hoot
Leigh Wagner, Fluency is Fabulous!
Rebecca Tarleton, Flying Into Fluent Reading
Megan Stephenson, Reading as fast as Lightening
Meredith Kizer, READ, READ, READ and Repeat
Taylor Willis, Fast, Fluent Reading is Fun!
D. D. Knight, Pedal to the Metal
Moriah Spivey, Racing to Fluency
Liz Cosper, Fun with Fluency
Jennifer Russell, Shh. . . It's a Secret
Alyssa Gilman, Ready? Set! READ!
Martha Emanuel, Racing Readers
Jamie Smith, Fluency is Fabulous
Caroline Duffy, Making Fluency Fun
Katie Bolander, Flying into Fluent Reading with Angry Birds

Jessica Wilson, Picking Up Speed With Fluency!
Kayla Wesley, I Want to be a Fluent Reader for Halloween!
Sarah Drawdy, Flying Into Fluency
Meredith Kizer, READ, READ, READ and Repeat
Kristin Bunyard, Get Ready, Get Set, READ!

Kristen Goodson, Hopping Into Fluency
Madison Boyd, Zoom! Zoom! I'm a Fluent Reader!
Michelle Jones, Fantastic and Fluent

Ava Sewell, Frog and Toad are Fluent Friends

Lauren Singer, Making Fluency Fun!
Sharly Citizen, Hopping Into Fluent Reading
Christina Statler, Ready, Set, GO READ!
Miranda Lewis, Reading is a Breeze!
Kelsey Hendrix, Ready to Read
Kelsey Fourroux, Read Like a Cheetah
Turquoise Dillard, Targeting for Fluency
Ashley Kinsey, Hopping Into Fluency
Jessica Rush, Ready, Set, Read!
Anne Barron, Fun and Fluent
Sarah Plier, Fly Into Fun, Fluent Reading
Savannah Roberts, Oink Oink! It's Time for Fluency
Emily Colburn, No Speed Limit

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Elizabeth Smith, Books Show Emotion Just Like You!
Lindsay  Borgschulte, Do You Hear What I Hear? An Expressive Reader
Courtney Leyde, Express Yourself! by Reading Fluently
Katie Nirschl, E-X-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N, What's That Spell?
Lyndsey Tenney, Exciting Expressions

Jenny Rodriguez, Expressions With Silly Iggy Pig
Lauren Sprouse, Expressive Fluency


Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly


IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching vocabulary
Liz Cosper, Very Valuable Vocabulary
Taylor Willis, Rocking Relationship Vocabulary

Lessons for teaching summarization
Megan Stephenson, Sum Up the Story
Rebecca Tarleton, Super Summarizing
D.D. Knight, Super Summary
Heather Sherrell, Smile, We're Summarizing!
Alyssa Gilman, Flutter Away with Summarizing
Jamie Smith, Sweet Summarizers
Moriah Spivey, Well, to Make a Long Story Short
Caroline Duffy, Summarizing is the Key to Success
Katie Bolander, Sophisticated Summarizers
Leigh Wagner, Super Summarizers!
Jessica Wilson, Summaries Easy as 1,2,3!
Lindsay Borgschulte, Short and Simple - With Big Meaning!
Blair Smith, Food For Thought

Meredith Kizer, WHO'S THAT BIRD....I need a SUMMARY!

Kristen Goodson, Summing It Up
Michelle Jones, Successful Summarizing
Madison Boyd, Let's Sum it up!
Lauren Singer, Heart of Summarizing

Sharly Citizen, Summarizing Scientists
Miranda Lewis, 1...2..3... Summarize!
Kelsey Hendrix, Soar Through Summarizing
Kelsey Fourroux, Super Summarizing
Courtney Leyde, Summing it Up
Martha Emmanuel, Sum it Up!
Turquoise Dillard, Summarizing Sharks
Ashley Kinsey, Swimming Into Summarization
Katie Nirschl, Sum, Sum, Sum It Up!
Anne Barron, Let's Summarize!
Sarah Plier, Super Summarizing
Savannah Roberts, Stupendous Summarizers!
Jessica Rush, Summarizing is Super!
Lyndsey Tenney, Summing It Up!
Emily Colburn, Sum, Sum, Sum It Up!

Lauren Sprouse, Summing it Up
Ava Sewell, Super Summarizers

Lessons for teaching visualization

Kristin Bunyard, Close Your Eyes and Snap a Picture!
Jennifer Russell, Mind Reading
Kayla Wesley, Picture This!
Sarah Drawdy, Picture That!
Kristin Bunyard, Close Your Eyes and Snap a Picture!
Christina Statler, Painting Pictures in My Mind
Elizabeth Smith, I Can See Clearly Now!

Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions

Jenny Rodriguez, A Chomp of Knowledge

Lessons for teaching children about story grammar