Cheddar Chips


Beginning Reader

Megan Zickos

Rationale:  For students to learn words, they need to learn that each letter that makes up a word has a sound and that when those sounds are put together may words can be spelled.  This lesson will help the students learn what a digraph is.  Digraphs are two letters that make one sound.  The students will learn that when they see the digraph ch it says /ch/.  They will learn this sound by looking at it in words, reciting it to the teacher, and by learning a meaningful representation and letter symbols.


       Class we have been learning about how letters have sounds.  Today we will learn that letters put together can have one sound.  The sound we are going to work with is the sound a c and an h make together.  They make the sound /ch/.  Can you repeat that? (Have the  
       children repeat that to you a few times.)  You are going to see that today our words are going to have this sound in them.
       Show students the picture of the train:  What do you think this is a picture of class?  Well what is the sound a train makes?  Yes a train says /ch/.  When you see the ch in words you can think of a train and the sound it makes. 

Now can you all tell me how our mouth is when we say the /ch/ sound?  Well our mouth kind moves apart and our lips are pushed out.

Now let's try a tongue twister with the /ch/ sound.  "Charlie ate cheddar chips."    Everybody say it with me two times.  Now say it and separate the /ch/ sound in each word. "Ch-arlie eat ch-eddar ch-ips."

Now students take your card with the ch sound.  I am going to tell you two words and when you hear the word with the ch sound I want for you to hold up your card.  Chip or money? Throw or catch? Check or dollar? Cheetah or tiger? Lesson or teach? 

Letter box lesson: Now I would like for each of you to get out your letterboxes.  Fold them so that there are only three boxes.  (Give the students their letters.)  Now I want for you to put out all the letters.  When you put the letters together to make the words you must        make sure to put the c and the h in the same box because they make one sound. (Model for the students how this is done by saying the word chat.  You will show them how they would put it into the letter boxes.)  Now I am going to say a word and I want you to put
       the letter in the correct boxes.  I will come around to check on you and see if you have done it right.  3 Phonemes (chat, chip, rich) 4 Phonemes (chest, chunk, punch) 5 Phonemes (brunch)  Now we are going to read the words that you just spelled.  I will write up a
       word and I want you to sound out the word and read it to me.  (Teacher will show them how it is done, and then the students will read the words aloud.)   

Now you are going to read the book "Chips for the Chicks".  I want you to get with someone and read the book.  After you have read the book you will go back through and write down as many ch words as you can find.  Then we will as a class share the ch words
       that were in this book.  (Teacher will go around while they are read and writing down words and help if they need it.)

Assessment:  For assessment, each student will be given a picture with words next to it and they will have to decide which word matches the picture.  Picture of a cheetah with the words: cheetah, lion, tiger, bear.  Picture of a person's chin with the words: eye, lip, chin, ear.  Picture of a chip with the words: cookie, clip, mat, chip.


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