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Fun in the Sun!

Beginning Reading

Rachel K Sparkman


Goal: For students to learn the letter u as corresponds to the phoneme /u/, and be able to read words using this correspondence



For students to learn to read, they must first recognize each phoneme-letter correspondence.  It is important that students learn vowel correspondences first.  Learning letters and their phoneme correspondences will lead to successful decoding, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.  For this lesson, students will learn to recognize the letter u and the phoneme correspondence u=/u/.



-sound correspondence picture (lifting a weight= uuuuuu) -You can get a clipart from Microsoft Word.

-decodable book Sun Fun by phonics readers


-primary paper

-word cards: fun, sun, run, tug bug, but,

-letterboxes and letter manipulatives for students and teacher


1.Introduce the lesson to students by explaining them to them that learning letters and their individual sounds are extremely important. I will introduce the individual letter u and speak the corresponding sound.

2. Show a picture of a man lifting weights and explain that when we see the letter u we should make an "uuuuu" sound like we are lifting something heavy. Lead the students in making the uuu sound and hand motion.

3. Model finding the /u/ sound in words. "When I say the word suuuuun, I can hear my weight-lifting sound, /u/."

4. Give the students examples of words that contain the /u/ sound, such as tut, cut, full, rut, mut, etc. Have them stretch out the words (tuuuuut) as they repeat after you.

5. Model writing the letter u as you say "start at the fence, curve at the sidewalk, back to the fence, and down."

6. Model using the letterboxes to spell words using /u/.

7. Guided practice: Give the class words to spell with their letterboxes as you walk around and observe, then give sample words to read.

8. Have the students read the book Sun Fun and have students raise their hands when they hear the /u/ sound.

9. Assessment: Use word flashcards with /u/ words to see if each student can read the words.



Millington, Heather. "Sun Fun"

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