Tim's Pig

Emergent Literacy

Katie Pegues

Rationale:  Children need to understand that letters stand for phonemes so that they are able to learn to read and spell words.  This lesson will help children learn that i = /i/.  They will be able to recognize /i/ by finding /i/ in certain words, understanding what it means and learning a symbol for /i/. 

Materials:  Primary paper and pencil; chart with tongue twister "If an igloo is cold, is it slick?"; drawing paper and crayons; Pig in a Bag (http://www.auburn.edu/academic/education/reading_genie/); Picture page with the following pictures:  pig, tag, bed, twig, leg,  igloo, gift.

1. Introduce the lesson and tell them that we are going to learn what i = /i/.  When you say /i/, as in icky, your nose moves up and down like a bunny rabbit's nose when it twitches.  Today we will work on noticing when our nose moves up and down when we say words that have /i/ in it

2.  Ask Students:  Did you ever eat a food that tasted icky?  When you taste something you don't like your nose moves up and down as you say "icky".  Let's all say icky together and notice as your nose moves up like a bunny's.  [Everyone says icky together.] 

3.   Let's try a tongue twister.  Look at the chart and let's all read it together.  "If an igloo is cold, is it slick?"  Let's all say it again, but this time let's say it twice.  Now let's say it one more time but stretch out the sound /i/ when you hear it.  "Iiiif an iiiigloo iiiis cold, iiiis iiiit sliiiick?"  This time as you say it break it /i/ off from the word.  "/i/f an /i/gloo /i/s cold, /i/s /i/t sl/i/ck?"

4.  Everyone get out your primary paper.  We can use the letter i to write /i/.  Let's begin.  Go down from the fence and then give him a feather.  I will come around and look at everyone's i.  After I look at your's write it ten more times on your paper. 

5.  Let's find the sound /i/ in sticky.  Let me show you how.  I'm going to stretch it out slow and notice when my nose goes up like a rabbits.  S-s-t-t-i-i-i.  There, I found it!  We do here /i/ in sticky. 

6.  Have students determine whether or not they can hear /i/ in certain words.  Do you hear /i/ in stick or stack?  In lift or laugh?  In big or bag? 

7.  Tim is having a party for his tenth birthday.  He gets a present and inside is a pig!  The pig meets a cat and a dog and ends up running away.  Will the pig ever come back?  To find out what happens you will need to read the story.  We will read the story as a class and then discuss it.  The students will wiggle their noses whenever they hear the sound /i/.  Then ask the students what some of the words were that they heard with /i/ in them. 

8.  To assess the students work they will do the picture sheet with the words on it.  They will be instructed to circle and color the words that have the sounds /i/ in them. 


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