La La Lilly

Emergent Literacy Design
By: Tara Killen

Rationale: In order for children to be able to spell and read words they must know how to recognize the letter graphemes and know their corresponding phonemes. Before a child can recognize a phoneme in written language, they must be able to hear the phoneme in oral language. This lesson will teach students to recognize the grapheme and phoneme of the letter L.


Materials: primary paper, pencils, chant paper with "Little Lilly Loves singing La, La, Lullabies," pictures of objects that have L's in their names, 12 Leaping Lizards book by Jan Ramero Stevens, flash cards with L and non-L words on them, white board, dry erase markers, worksheets with pictures with l and non-l names



  1. Introduction: Boys and girls, today we are going to talk about a new letter. Many of you may already know what letter this is. Show the letter l on the white board. Does anyone know what letter this is? Yes, this is the letter l. Every letter in our alphabet has a sound. What sound does l make? Yes, the letter l says, llllll.
  2. Do any of you know any words that have the /l/ sound in them? (love, look, like, Lauren, etc.) Let's say those words together. Okay, now let's just say "lllll." What is your tongue doing when you say "lllll"? (The tongue touches the back of the teeth at the tip.)
  3. I want you to listen to these words that I am going to read to you and I want you to tell me where you hear the /l/. (words: log or stick? Lizard or snake? Love or hug?)
  4. Who has ever heard of a tongue twister? Let's look at a tongue twister to help us hear the /l/. (Show chant paper to class.) I am going to read it once then I want you to read it with me. (read) Now, I want us to listen for the /l/ in the tongue twister. When you hear /l/ I want you to act like you are leading a choir that is singing.
  5. Let's practice writing the letter L on your own paper. (have students use primary paper for this part of the lesson) First we will practice writing an upper case L. Start at the rooftop and draw a line straight down to the sidewalk. Then turn on the sidewalk and make a short straight line along the sidewalk. Now we are going to work on the lower case l. This is very easy. All you have to do is start at the rooftop and draw a line straight down to the sidewalk. It is like the upper case L but without the line on the sidewalk. Let's practice 10 times writing a lower and upper case L.
  6. Now, let's look at some flash cards. I want you to tell me if the word that I show you has the letter L in it.
  7. Now we are going to read a book. I want you to listen hard to the story and put a peace sign in the air every time that you hear the /l/. (read book) Can anyone tell me any words that they heard with the /l/?
  8. We are going to play a fun game! I want you to go to your desks and get out a pencil. You are going to have a worksheet. On this sheet I want you to look at all of the pictures and tell me if the name of the picture has the /l/ sound in it. I will tell you what the pictures are so that you will know what I am wanting.




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