Diving Deep

Emergent Literacy

Ellen Battles



Students need to be able to recognize individual phonemes and associate them with their corresponding letter or letters before they can read. The understanding of letter recognition serves as a student's base as to which to base their other information upon. In this lesson I will be reviewing the letter d. By the end of this lesson, I would like for the students' to be able to understand the sound /d/ makes, and also to be able to write it correctly.



the letter d on a poster

tongue twister (Dave dove deep into the dark ocean.)

primary paper


white board

dry erase markers

picture cards with words that begin with /d/. Example: dog, diving board, door, desk, deer

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck and illustrated by Valeria Petrone.

worksheet with pictures of /d/ words and non /d/ words

(dog, dive, dump, deer, can, stop, her)



Today I will begin by introducing the letter /d/. "Boys and girls, today we are going to learn about a fun letter in the alphabet. Can anyone guess what letter I might be thinking of? I'll give you a hint, it comes in between /c/ and /e/. That's right it's /d/. The letter /d/ says dddd‰¥Ïlike duh.


I will hold up the poster with the letter /d/ printed on in. "What letter is this? That's right, it's the letter /d/. What sound does the letter /d/ make? You are right again, ddd‰¥Ïlike duh".


"I have a silly sentence that I am going to share with you. Once I am done, I want you to repeat it back to me. Everyone ready? Dave dove deep into the dark ocean. This time I want you to echo after me. Here we go‰¥Ï Dave dove deep into the dark ocean."


"Now we are going learn how to write the letter /d/. First you start out making a little /c/. You start out at the fence and go around down to the sidewalk and come straight up all the way to the rooftop and straight back down. That's a letter /d/. Now you all try to make the letter /d/. Great job.


Now I am going to hold up two pictures and I want you to tell me what each picture is. Then I want you to tell me which one starts with /d/, ddd. Ready?" (Hold up pictures.) First set: dog and ice cream. We will continue with five more sets of pictures.


Next, we are going to read a book called Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck. I am going to read you this story but every time you hear /d/ then I want you to hold your hands out like you are saying duh.



For assessment, I will pass out a worksheet with pictures that start with the letter d and some that do not.


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Peck, J. (2004). Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

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