Ann Reid Young
Beginning Reading

OWL makes reading fun!

Rationale: If a child doesn’t know the sounds of the English language, the symbols won’t make sense.  If a student does not know graphemes and phonemes then they cannot read.  This lesson is designed to help teach children the sound that /ow/ makes.  This is a popular sound in the English language and this lesson will help students learn what words contain this sound and help them recognize it.

Materials: Primary paper, pencil, glue, scissors; chart with headed "owl" with a strip of velcro down the middle; notecards with velcro on the back and each one has a word plow, how, flower, cow, now, bow, power, clown, tower, scowl, town, frown, happy, sad, pot, flip, rub, print, stop, brat, cut;  outline cut-out of a cow for each student; about twelve old magazines that can be cut up; poster board with the riddle “the cow went downtown to see the clown to get a flower”; the book Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? by Dr. Suess.

Procedure: 1. Introduce the lesson by explaining what sound the letters /ow/ make.  The teacher can say that sound is “ouch, that hurt” or "wow, great job!".  The teacher will tell the students that the example word is “wow”.  Now the teacher will introduce the poster and explain that they are going to pick out all of the /ow/ words.  Now the teacher will go through a lesson on identifying /ow/ words.  She will flash the cards to the class and the students have to say “wow” if it goes on the poster.

2. The teacher will then read Mr Brown Can Moo Can You?.  She will read it over and the students will raise their hands when they hear /ow/ words. The words will be written on the board.

3. After the students have reviewed the words they will do an activity that is like a scavenger hunt.  The teacher will pass out a cow shape to each student.  The students will then partner up and each pair share a magazine.  They have to go through the magazines and find all kinds of /ow/ words to cut out, paste and fill up the cow.  The students can cut out words, letters to make words, and even pictures.  This will be creative and help them with their spelling and identifying /ow/ words.

4. After the students have finished their cows they will paste them on a piece of primary paper.  The teacher will then show them the poster with the rhyme on it.  The students will all say it together.  They will then identify the words in it and talk about the /ow/ words,  The students will then be instructed to make up their own rhyme and write it on the primary paper with the cow using the words they have on their collage.  The students work will be discussed and displayed.

Assessment: The teacher will take the poster with the /ow/ words on it.  The teacher will then call out the words one by one and the students have to write them down in their primary paper.


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