Umbrella's Up!

Heather Mauldin
Beginning to Read

Rationale:  In order for students to begin reading they need to become familiar with phonemes.  This lesson focuses on /u/= u (short u).  Students will learn to associate the printed letter u with the sound and practice finding the /u/ in words.

Materials:  primary paper, pencils, The Umbrella Book (Sue Dickson), chart saying "My ugly uncle said put your umbrellas up", grab bag filled with a toy truck, rubber duck, pencil, hockey puck, toy car, umbrella, ball, and a book, children's magazines, small paper umbrellas

1. Introduce the lesson as learning a secret code.  Every letter we see has a special sound that goes with it.  Today we are practicing the mouth move /u/.

2. Ask students:  What sound do we make when we are punched in our stomach?  The uhhhhhh sound we hear is the same as the short u sound.  Everyone say uhhhhh!

3. Repeat this sentence after me:  "My ugly uncle said put your umbrellas up!"  Make sure to have the chart displayed for the students to see.  Point to each word as you say it.

4. Students will then practice writing the lower case u.  Start making the lower case by drawing a line from the fencepost of your paper to the sidewalk and back up to the fence.  Next, come back down and add a little tail.

5. Read The Umbrella Book to the class.  Pass out paper umbrellas.  Read it again and have the class raise their hand and twirl paper umbrellas when they hear a word that contains the short u sound.

6. Next, allow each child to pull an object from the grab bag.  Discuss the name of each object.  Have the children decide if the name contains the short u sound.

7. For assessment, pass out a magazine to each child.  Have the child find a picture of an object that has the short u sound.  The student may also find a word that contains the short u sound.  The child must share findings with the class.

References:  Angel Moore, A-Okay!
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