Silent as a Mouse
By: Donna Macklin

Rationale:  An important goal for all children is to read silently. This lesson will give children an opportunity to practice this new skill in a small group.   The teacher will introduce the book by giving a book talk and then give the children an opportunity to read the same book silently.

Materials:  Leftover Lily by Sally Warner (multiple copies), Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan, pencils and copy of comprehension questions.
Who are Lily's friends?
What school did Lily go to?
How old is lily?
Where did she push Daisy?

1. "Today class we are going to learn how to read silently." " I am going to show you how to read silently."  [Hold up copy of book.] "This book is called Sara Plain and Tall and I am going to show you what silent reading looks like."  [In regular voice]  "Did mama sing every day?  Asked Caleb."  [In whisper voice] "He sat close to the fire, his chin in his hand." [While reading move lips, but don't make sound]  It was dusk, and the dogs lay beside him on the warm hearthstones." [Read silently] "Every-single-day, I talk him for the second time this week."
2. " Before we get started we are going to review how to pick a book from the library."  "It is a good idea to pick 5 books that look interesting."  " You should read the first page of the book to see if it interest you." "Lastly, remember the two finger rule."  "When you are reading the first page of the book and you come across a word you don't know put your finger on it.  "If you come across a second word you don't know on the same page put your finger on it." "If you have two fingers on the same page, you need to find a different book that you don't have to use two fingers."
3. "We are going to begin our silent reading lesson by reading Leftover Lily."  " You will get a chance to pick your own book after we finish this one."  "The book we will read is called Leftover Lily."  " I am going to talk about the book first and then you can read it silently."  "  This book is about a six-year old girl named Lily.  Lily has two best friends named Lavon and Daisy.  One day Lily accidentally pushed Daisy and Daisy became very upset.  She does not want to be Lily's friend anymore.  Daisy is bossy and won't let Lavon be Daisy's friend either. Do you think they will ever make-up and be friends again?"
4. "Okay class, get your copy of the book and let's practice for a minute."  "Okay, class read the first sentence out loud."  "Good, read the next sentence in a whisper voice."  "Excellent, next move your lips but don't make any sound."  " I think you are ready, begin your silent reading for 20 minutes." The teacher should read silently as well to show a good example.
5. Assessment:  Have a comprehension sheet ready to test them when they are done. You can test individually or in a small group setting.

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