Jill Blair
Reading to Learn

So You Want To Be President?

Rationale:  The goal of reading is to be able to comprehend what you have read.  Being able to summarize is very important when reading larger works.  This lesson will help teach children how to understand and comprehend a story through summarization.

Materials: Book: So You Want To Be President-copies for every student(AU Library), Paper, Pencils

1. Introduce the lesson by explained to the students that understanding what you read is very important.  "When you read a book, it is very important to comprehend it so that you would be able to give a summary.  A summary is when you take a lot of information and break it down until you only have the most important information.  The summary can be put into one paragraph."

2. Pass out the books to each student.  "Now, you will all silently read So You Want To Be President.  I will give you plenty of time.  As you read think about the main points in the story.  When you are all finished we will do a summarizing activity."

3. When everyone is done, assign each child a page to summarize and tell everyone to get out a pencil and piece of paper.  "Now that everyone is done, close your books and listen to your instructions.  Everyone will be assigned one page to summarize.  You will read the page and write your summary on your sheet of paper.  I will take the summaries up, so take your time and only write down the main points.  When everyone is done, we will read everyone's summaries and combine them for one main idea."

4. Let each child read his/her summary.  When everyone has read ask the students what they think the main idea of the story is.  "Class raise your hand if you think you can summarize the entire book."  Let each child get a chance and then you pick one that sounds appropriate.

5. Assessment: The teacher will take up all of the summaries and read them.  This way you can see if they were able to comprehend the main points.

George, Judith St.  So You Want To Be President.

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