Lesson Designs from Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Spring 2002
Return to the Reading Genie
I. Emergent Literacy
Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Christen Walten, Our Friends b and d
Tonya Hill, The Kite is the Key
Donna Macklin, The Wonderful World of the Letter Aa
Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Carrie Norris, Doctor Check-up
Heather Mauldin, Word Detectives!
Ashley Nungesser, Appetizing Apples
Jenn Kanute, Open Wide
Jodi Gray, Duh!
Kelly Starr, Gazunheit!
Lindsay Dean, Nancy's Nice Nose
Rebecca Lee Branum, Where the Green Grass Grows
Brandy Thomas, Doctor: "Open Wide and Say /o/"
Tara Greene, Steve and Harriet's Wedding!
Joanie Baker, Firemen Fighting for /f/
Jill Blair, She Ships Shells to the Shore
Jennifer O'Meara, Telephone Fun!
Bliss Ramsey, The Beautiful Bouncing Ball
Meredith Rich, Shelly's Ship Is Coming to Shore!
Stephanie Skinner, When You Don't Get What You Want
Cindy Crenshaw, "Shh-h-h" Says Mommy
Ann Reid Young, Waaahhh Cries the Baby!
Meg Crow, There's a Mouse in the House! Aaa!
Heather Grenon, I Hear a Baby Crying
Melanie Starr, Mmm Mmm Good!
Brandi Ferguson, I'm Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
Emily Jones, Eerie Exits
Lessons for teaching rhyming or concepts about print
Ruth Scroggins, Words in a Sentence
Sandy Kraeger, Lights on for Reading!

II. Beginning Reading
Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Heather Mauldin, Umbrellas Up!
Jenn Kanute, Icky-Sticky
Brandy Thomas, Slim Pig
Christen Walton, The Baby's Crying . . . Aaa!
Jill Blair, Excellent Elephants
Donna Macklin, Icky Bug
Emily Jones, The Cat Ate My Apple
Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and vowel digraphs
Ashley Nungesser, A Race to Place
Kelly Starr, Cheep, Cheep
Rebecca Lee Branum, The Big E!
Carrie Norris, Bee a Good Reader
Jennifer O'Meara, I See a Bee!
Bliss Ramsey, Sparkling Spelling
Meredith Rich, When A Says Its Name
Tonya Hill, The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plains
Ann Reid Young, Owl Makes Reading Fun!
Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Jodi Gray, Choo, Choo, Words That Say /ch/!
Lindsay Dean, Chocolate Chicken
Joanie Baker, Chirping Chicks Chatter
Meg Crow, Swish the Fish
Heather Grenon, Chica-Chica Choo Choo
Melanie Starr, Achoo!
Brandi Ferguson, Thump Your Thinker
Lessons for teaching blending
Sandy Kraeger, Totally Tubular Blending
Stephanie Skinner, Blending Buddies
Cindy Crenshaw, /K/ /a/ /t/ Says Cat
Lessons for teaching cross-checking
Ruth Scroggins, Sounding Out Trouble
Tara Greene, Thumbs Up for Expert Readers!

III. Growing Independence & Fluency
Lessons for teaching faster reading
Heather Mauldin, Practice Makes Perfect!
Ashley Nungesser, Fluency Is Fantastic
Jodi Gray, Fluency Is Freedom!
Lindsay Dean, Hit a Homerun With Reading Speed
Carrie Norris, Learning to Be a Super Speedy Reader
Meredith Rich, Fast . . . Fluency!
Cindy Crenshaw, Flying Through the World of Books
Lessons for teaching smoother or more expressive reading
Kelly Starr, Come With Me to Read Expressively
Rebecca Lee Branum, Book Talk Fun!
Brandy Thomas, Lights, Camera, Action!
Christen Walton, We Love to Express Ourselves!
Tara Greene, As Smooth as Silk
Joanie Baker, Express Delivery
Jill Blair, I Love to Read, Read, Read
Stephanie Skinner, Smooth Sailing
Ann Reid Young, Blending With Frog and Toad
Meg Crow, Expression Equals Enjoyment
Heather Grenon, Let Me Hear Expression!
Tonya Hill, "Beeing" Expressive
Melanie Starr, You've Got to . . . Express Yourself!
Lessons for teaching silent reading
Jenn Kanute, Quiet Please!
Donna Macklin, Silent as a Mouse
Jennifer O'Meara, Shh, It's Reading Time!
Bliss Ramsey, Read It in Your Head
Lessons for teaching children to read voluntarily and avidly
Sandy Kraeger, Reading, Sharing, and Comparing
Brandi Ferguson, Turn, Turn, Turn
Ruth Scroggins, Got Any Good Books?
Emily Jones, You Pick Your Own Book!

IV. Reading to Learn
Lessons for teaching summarization
Heather Mauldin, Is That a Fact?
Ashley Nungesser, It's Safer to Summarize
Jenn Kanute, Keep It Short!
Jodi Gray, Comprehension Is Key
Kelly Starr, Simple Steps of Summarization
Lindsay Dean, Summarization Mapping
Rebecca Lee Branum, Ten Cents a Word
Carrie Norris, Can You Summarize?
Brandy Thomas, We've Struck Gold!
Christen Walton, Let's Summarize!
Tara Greene, How to Summarize
Joanie Baker, Sum + It = Up
Jill Blair, So You Want to Be President?
Ann Reid Young, The Gray Wolf Story Pyramid
Heather Grenon, Let's Sum It Up
Meg Crow, Summing Up SuperCroc
Tonya Hill, My Guide to Summing It Up
Melanie Starr, Map It Out!
Lessons for teaching visualization
Sandy Kraeger, Read It, See It!
Ruth Scroggins, Picture This
Jennifer O'Meara, Pictures Make Perfect!
Lessons for teaching children about story grammar
Bliss Ramsey, Mapping Comprehension
Meredith Rich, Comprehending the Story
Stephanie Skinner, Map Making
Cindy Crenshaw, Comprehension! The Key That Opens Our Minds
Emily Jones, Do You Know What You Just Read?
Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Donna Macklin, Questions, Questions, Questions
Brandi Ferguson, Just the Facts, Ma'am