Research-Based Lessons Designed by Teacher Candidates

Auburn University
Fall 2014

I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness

Julia Lolley, Yummy in my Tummy
Lauren Nix, Buzz Like a Bee with the Letter Z
Bethany Dyess, Flying Saucers Go /l/
Jami Heard, Run a Mile With H
Elizabeth McGee, Growl Like a Grizzly Bear
Sarah Nelson, Fly a Plane With the Letter V
Kristin Byrd, Bang the Drums With the Letter B
Laura Moore, Clapping With Letter C
Jessica Clark, Dripping With P
Carly Dumas, Dribbling With D

Emily Wilcox, Tttick Tttock With T’s
Malorie Hester, Sammy the Snake Says SSSSssss
Jordan Greenberg, Slither Like a Snake With S
Annamarie Merritt, Gulping With Letter G
Mayce Bishop, Hair Spray with S
Lauren Romano, Wilson Says Woof With W
Margaret Anne Logan, Lions Love Lollipops
Greg Bolan, Playing Fetch With H
Haleigh Walden, ​Baking Banana Bread with Betty B.

Emma Gilmore, Z is for Zoe the Zooming Zebra
Elizabeth Scott, Sssss Says the Slimy Snake
Caroline Brennan, Bob and Betty Beating the Drums With B
Caroline Rush, Popping Bubbles with P

Hailey Jones, Ski Down the Slope With Sh
Karlie Bergamini, Growl Like A Dog With R
Kimber Calhoun, Ride the Choo-Choo Train

Taylor Fitzgerald, Hhhh, Hhhh, Rub Your Hands When They Are Cold
Mary Cameron Faison, Plop the Peanut in the Pan
Katy Moore, Mmmmm for Muffins
Mary Claire Spell, The Elderly Man Says "Ehh"

Mallie Stone, Play The Drums With D

Katie Carter, Wanda Wants to Surf the Wild Waves

Maggie Cox, Slimy, Slithering Snake S

Kathleen McGahan, Crack an Egg With C
Alexa Kirchharr, The Rowdy Tiger Roars With /R/

Betsy Jackson, B-B-Beating the Drum

Lydia Moore, Gulping Grape Juice With G

Rebecca Fitzgerald, Miss Piggy’s Pancakes

Shelby Avant, Bouncing the Ball with B
Emily Milner, Chugga Chugga Choo!
Sophie Simantel, The Bounce of B
Ali Ingram, Ticking Clock With T
Margaret Sharbel, The Sssnake Sssaysss Ssss
Kassi Watts, Dripping Water with P

Shea Brennaman, Slippery Snakes


II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Julia Lolley, Uhhh I Don't Know
Sarah Nelson, Say "Uh" With Caveman Dug
Kristin Byrd, Confused Dug the Caveman Says Uh?
Emily Wilcox, Baaaaaa Goes the Sheep
Mayce Bishop, Ahhhhh! Says the Tired Boy
Bethany Dyess, The Caveman Says UHH
Malorie Hester, Say Ahhhhh

Annamarie Merritt, Eddie the Elephant
Emma Gilmore, "Aaaaaa," Cries the Baby

Lauren Romano, Pigs Love Pickles

Caroline Brennan, Uhhhh, I'm Confused!
Taylor Fitzgerald, Confused Caveman says, Uh, Uh, Uh

Elizabeth Scott, Icky Sticky Drippy Ice Cream

Laura Moore, Allan's Apples

Mary Cameron Faison, Scaredy Cats

Kathleen McGahan, Say "Ah" for Short O

Caroline Rush, Say Ahhhh!
Lydia Moore, Aaaa! Says the Crying Baby
Rebecca Fitzgerald, Uhhh, I Dunno?!?
Emily Milner, Don't Wake the Baby, "Aaaa!"
Sophie Simantel, Frog On the Log
Ali Ingram, Uhh, Say What?
Margaret Sharbel, The Creaky Door Says “Ehh"
Kassi Watts, /a/ Says the Crying Baby

Shea Brennaman, Ehhh Goes Elmer the Creaky Door

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels
Lauren Nix, Let's Race to the Finish
Jessica Clark, Aye, Matey!

Carly Dumas, Uhh, I Don't Know!
Elizabeth McGee, Eeee! A beetle!
Greg Bolan, Aye, Aye, Captain!
Haleigh Walden, Aye Aye, Mate

Hailey Jones, Kate Made Lemonade
Karlie Bergamini, What Did You Say?

Kimber Calhoun, Long A With Fonzie
Margaret Anne Logan, I Make Paint All Day! I am Long A

Jami Heard, /A/ You! Stop That!

Katy Moore, Eeeeek! That’s scary!
Mallie Stone, Eeee! This Excites Me!
Katie Carter, Boo! Says the Monster

Alexa Kirchharr, i_e, i_e, Captain!

Shelby Avant, Look Jane, There Goes the Train!


Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Jordan Greenberg, Shhh, Be Quiet!

Mary Claire Spell, Shh! Shh! Shh!

Maggie Cox, Shh, Don't Wake the Baby

Betsy Jackson, Shhhh…It’s a Secret!


III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading

Julia Lolley, Pass the Panther

Lauren Nix, Fluent Readers Are Cool as Cats
Carly Dumas, Flat Stanley
Emily Wilcox, Fishing for Fluency
Bethany Dyess, Fun With Fluency

Jordan Greenberg, Fun with Fluency
Annamarie Merritt, Sailing to Fluency
Malorie Hester, Don't Be Afraid of Fluency

Greg Bolan, Champions of Fluency
Emma Gilmore, Racing Through Reading
Kimber Calhoun, Frighteningly Fluent

Lauren Romano, Home Run Reading

Hailey Jones, Flying For Fluency
Haleigh Walden, Fluency Fun With Junie B. Jones
Karlie Bergamini, Reading That Flows Like A Fruitcake

Caroline Brennan, Leaping Into Fluency!

Kristin Byrd, Wrapped in Fluency
Taylor Fitzgerald, Race to Reading

Elizabeth Scott, 1, 2, 3. . . Race!

Laura Moore, Forever Fluent

Margaret Anne Logan, Fluency Fun With Junie B. Jones

Mary Cameron Faison, Monkeying Around with Fluency
Jami Heard, Score Big With Fluency

Jessica Clark, Lassoing Reading
Mayce Bishop, Going With the Flow With Fluency
Katy Moore, Fluency is Fantastic!
Mary Claire Spell, Traveling to Fluency!

Mallie Stone, “Bear” Necessities for Fluency

Katie Carter, Hit the Fluency Ball Out of the Park!

Maggie Cox, Fast, Fluent Readers Have More Fun!
Kathleen McGahan, Hop on the Fluency Bus!
Alexa Kirchharr, Flying to Fluency

Caroline Rush, Monkey Around with Fluency
Betsy Jackson, Touchdown for Fluent Reading!

Lydia Moore, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Reading

Rebecca Fitzgerald, Junie B. Jones Is a Fluency Master
Shelby Avant, On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!
Emily Milner, Going Fishing For Fluency
Sophie Simantel, Leap Into Reading!
Ali Ingram, I'm Fluent in Reading!
Margaret Sharbel, Wild About Fluency

Kassi Watts, Fluency Is ‘SPOOK’tacular!

Shea Brennaman, Reading Fluently

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading
Sarah Nelson, Let's Read With Expression
Elizabeth McGee, Reading Playhouse


IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Margaret Anne Logan, Going Nuts for Summarization

Emily Wilcox, Summarizing Shore is Fun

Julia Lolley, Super Summarizers!
Laura Moore, Wild for Summarization
Annamarie Merritt, Something to Remember
Caroline Brennan, Sum, Sum, Sum It Up!

Greg Bolan, The Supreme Summarizers
Karlie Bergamini, Sum It Up Into Nuts
Mary Cameron Faison, Buzz into Summing
Hailey Jones, Happy Hippos for Summarization
Haleigh Walden, Flying Through Summarization​
Lauren Romano, Super Hero Summarizing
Malorie Hester, $pending My Time $ummarizing

Elizabeth McGee, The Chew: Using Books as Brain Food

Jessica Clark, Snowy Summaries!

Kristin Byrd, Sweet Sweet Summarizers

Bethany Dyess, Ready, Set, Read!

Mayce Bishop, Splash into Summarizing
Katy Moore, Hey! What’s the BIG idea!?
Elizabeth Scott, The Sweetest Summarizers

Mary Claire Spell, Summarization About Animals

Mallie Stone, Summarization Station

Katie Carter, Let’s Sum It Up!

Maggie Cox, Super Summarizers!
Kathleen McGahan, Booming Into Summarization

Caroline Rush, Sky-High Summarization
Betsy Jackson, Reading for Wisdom

Lydia Moore, Summing It Up!
Rebecca Fitzgerald, Soaring Towards Summarization
Emily Milner, Summaries As Easy As 1,2,3!
Lauren Nix, Summarization Heroes
Sophie Simantel, Start Summarizing!
Ali Ingram, Superman's Summaries!

Margaret Sharbel, Some Super Summarization
Carly Dumas, Swimming Through Summarization
Taylor Fitzgerald, Super Short Summary
Kassi Watts, It's Snowing Summarization

Kimber Calhoun, Wrapping It Up
Shea Brennaman, Shortening Sentences with Sloths

Lessons for teaching vocabulary
Emma Gilmore, Vibrant Vocabulary​
Jami Heard, Very Vital Vocabulary
Alexa Kirchharr, Victorious Vocabulary
Shelby Avant, Building Vocabulary

Lessons for teaching visualization

Jordan Greenberg, Vivid Visualization

Sarah Nelson, See in Your Mind’s Eyes!

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