Z and the Buzzing Bee


Phoneme Lesson

By: CaSandra Yarbrough


            I feel that this lesson will help the student to grasp that concept of the letter z and the sound /z/. In this lesson the teacher will have the students to make a sound that they would normally hear a bee make, while doing this the teacher will demonstrate, using their finger, how a bee would fly around.


            ~ List of words                                     ~ Letters/ Letter Boxes

            ~ Reading materials                           ~ cover- up

            ~ Pencils/ paper


Step 1: Have the students to make a sound like a bee. For example: "zzzzzzzzzzzz"

Step 2: Show the child a letter Z.

Step 3: Have the child to say the letter and then tell them that this letter makes a sound

 like a bee. "When we hear the /z/ sound in a word what does our mouth do?"

When I make this sound my mouth is open and my teeth are shut, but my tongue also has a funny feeling in it like it is vibrating. Give a list of words to see if the student can hear the /z/ sound in a word. (she, soon, zoom, safe, Zack)

Step 4: Now tell the child that every time he/she hear the sound /z/ to move their finger

in the motion a bee would move. Now go over the previous word list one more time so that the child can repeat the hand motion with the correct words. 

 (she, soon, zoom, safe, Zack)


Step 5: Now ask the child to tell you which word out of each set has the sound /z/ in it.

                        (soon, zoom; Zack, Mack; horse, zebra)

Step 6: Have the student read a book that corresponds with the phoneme /z/.


I used the reading Jennie to help me write this lesson.