TTTT…..Goes the Clock


By: Constance Wood


Rationale: My goal is for students to recognize phonemes quickly and easily in order to read efficiently. Students will practice writing and saying /t/ in this lesson. They will practice finding /t/ in spoken words and written words. They will practice writing t in words they hear.



Primary Paper


Picture card with a clock

Tongue Twister card


Flashcards with /t/ words


-Today we will learn the /t/ sound. We write the /t/ sound as the letter t. Listen to the sound /t/ makes. It sounds like a clock ticking the seconds away. Letter T is for /t/, the tick of a grandfather clock.  A grandfather clock is wound by a pendulum that swings back and forth.

          Gesture: hand swinging like a pendulum.


-What happens to our tongue when we say /t/? It touches the front teeth as you blow.


-Let's try this tongue twister:

Timmy tucked a tiny toy tiger into a tall tree.

          Stretch it: Tttimmy tttucked a tttiny tttoy tttiger inttto a tttall tttree.

T stands for /t/, the clock sound.

Let's move our arm like a clock hand while saying our twister: Tttimmy tttucked a tttiny tttoy tttiger inttto a tttall tttree.


-Let's see if the clock tick /t/ is in pat. I'll know it's there if my teeth come together and I blow air. P-p-p-aaa-t-t. P-aaaattttt….At the end my teeth came together and I blew. That was /t/! We do say /t/ in pat.


-Listen to some words I say. Do you hear /t/ in turn or spin? In table or desk? In  cat or dog? I'll say some words. If they have /t/ in them, make the clock sound ttt. If they don't, say bonk like a broken clock.

                             Tan, bike, lake, mat, park, time, clock, sat, joke, water park, slide


-Listen to me sound out some words. What am I saying: t-ry, la-te, t-ug, no-te


-I will show you some flashcards and you tell me which word is correct. Is this tab or cab? take or make? Too or boo? Try or fry?  


Assessment: I will give the student a worksheet with different pictures on it. They will draw a line to each picture that starts with /t/.




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