Sum It Up!!!!!




Reading to Learn

By Brittany Smith




Rationale:  The goal of this lesson is to teach students better comprehend what they are reading. To do this they will learn how to summarize and to pick out the main points/idea in a story.





      Article: Green Invaders


      Smartboard with Giant Jellyfish Invasion article


      Green Invaders Article

      Student Assessment Checklist


Did the student?



Comprehend the information from the passage?



Delete unnecessary information from the passage?



Highlight important information from the passage?



Write at least one sentence that includes all the important information in the passage?







1.     Today we are going to talk about summarization. Does anyone know what summarization is? Summarization is picking out the most important information and deleting the unnecessary information.

2.     Now lets look at the rules of summarization and the teacher will explain the rules we go over it

      Delete un-important information

      Delete repeated information

      Select a topic

      Write a topic statement that covers everything important in the passage

3.     Lets look at what the word invasion means. An invasion is an entrance as if to take possession or to overrun. I will give you an example sentence: Due to the annual fair, the city had an invasion of tourists. Many things can cause and invasion such as people, animals, and water. Now I want you to finish this sentence: An invasion of people was caused by ____________________.

4.     Now we are going to summarize the Giant Jellyfish Invasion article as a class. We will cross out the un-important information with a black pen and highlight the important information with a highlighter.  The first two sentences are not important because they are not giving information. The sentence that talks about what animal it is, is important because without it you would not know what type of animal it is. The information about what problems they are causing is important because without this you would not know what the effect of so many jellyfish is having on the fisherman.

5.     If we wanted to summarize the passage in one sentence we could say, Jellyfish are invading the coast of the Sea of Japan and causing the fishermans nets to be broken and decreasing the number of the fish population.

6.     The teacher will pass out the Green Invaders to each student and they will highlight and mark out the appropriate information using the summarization rules.



In order to assess the students I will look over the article to make sure they highlighted and deleted the information that was necessary. I will also check to make sure the student wrote enough to correctly summarize the passage. I will use the assessment checklist and check yes or no, if they receive a no they will be given the passage back to correct it.



      Green Invaders

      Giant Jellyfish Invasion

      Brittney Nobles Super Summarizers



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