Fox in Socks




Emergent Literacy

By Brittany Smith




The phoneme /o/ is used many times in the English Language. It is imperative for students to master this sound in order to become fluent readers. We will pronounce the letter, and master how to write it through this lesson.



      Picture of man getting a cool drink

      Letter boxes with the letters needed


      Lined paper


      Book Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

      Worksheet that corresponds with the letter o



1.     Introduction: Show the picture of the man patting his head about to get something to drink. We will be talking about the letter o today. Have you ever been really hot and then got a refreshing drink? You would say ooooooooo. In order to make the sound you make an o with your lips. Now lets try it a few times.

2.     We are going to read the book Fox in Socks.  Show the student the front of the book and say the title and then have them repeat it until they get a hang of the word. I will read fffffffffoooooooooooxxxxxxxx in ssssssssoooooooocccccccckkkkkkkkksssssss. Do you hear the o sound as I read? Now you try.

3.     In order to assess their level in phoneme awareness, I will ask the student if they knew any words that start with or have the /o/ phoneme in them.

4.     Use the lined paper to draw the letter o lowercase and uppercase. I will demonstrate how to write both the lower and uppercase letters and then describe it to them as first writing a c and then closing the gap to make the letter o.

5.     After we make the letters, I will give the student the opportunity to free write a message. This is a time where the student can write about anything that they choose and it will give you the opportunity to access their writing.

6.     To go further in depth I the letter correspondence that we are working on I will have a fill-in-the-blank worksheet and allow them to match the word that corresponds to that particular picture.

7.     Book Talk, Fox in Socks is a book about Fox and Knox. Lets look through the pictures really quick staying on each page for about a second and try to figure out what is going to happen in the book. Now it is time to let you read the book out loud. Make sure that all the correspondences that are with the letter/o/ are made correctly.



      How to make a letter o

      How to a make the sound /o/

      The letter O worksheets



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