Beginning Reading

By Brittany Smith



Rationale: This lesson teaches children about the short vowel correspondence o. In order to become a skillful reader student must become familiar and understand the relationship between letters and their sounds, or graphemes and phonemes. They will spell and read words containing this spelling in a Letterbox lesson, and read a decodable book that focuses on the correspondence /o/.



į      Image of a person with an open mouth

į      Cover up critter

į      Letter manipulates for each child: b, c, d, f, g, k, l, n, o, p, r, s, t

į      List of words for each child to read: Block, Sod, Frog, Strong, Frost, Stop, Log, Got

į      Review words for each student to read: At, Dad, Trap; Bed, Send, Rest; It, Six, Mint

į      Decodable text: Doc in the Fog

į      Assessment worksheet



1.     LetÕs review the sounds of short a, e, and i by looking at our words and reviewing the words we already know. 

2.     Each letter of the alphabet has a particular sound that goes along with it. Today we are going to work on the short o sound. Pretend like you are opening your mouths wide like you are at the doctorÕs office and say ahhhhhhh. Now letÕs listen for it in some words. When I listen for /o/ in words my mouth opens up like I should you before. Let me try first: stop. There is a short o in stop. Now I am going to see if it is in home. I did not her the o in home and my mouth did not open up. Now lets try opening our mouths to say ahhhhh so you can get the feel of it.

3.     Now letÕs spell the word frog using the letterboxes. The first sound I hear is f-f-f. IÕm going to put an f in my first box. The second sound I hear is r-r-r. IÕm going to put an r in my second box. The third sound I hear is o-o-o like in olives. IÕm going to put an o in the third box. Finally, I hear a g-g-g at the end so I will put a g in the 4th and final letterbox. Now, you put frog in your letterboxes.

4.     Now I am going to have you spell out some word using the letterboxes. The first word we are going to do is got so you need 3 boxes. What goes in the first box? (Wait for response) What goes in the second box? (Wait for response) Good job, now what goes in the final box (walks around to make sure the students have it correct) Then I will allow the children to continue spelling the remaining words using the letterboxes. Now we are going to read the words aloud that you just spelled in unison.

5.     You have done a terrific job with reading words for the new sound /o/. Now we are going to read a book called Doc in the Fog.  Doc is a wizard who can turn anything into something new. Will he change everything into something new, even himself? We are going to read this story with a buddy and I will come around to answer any questions you may have.

6.     Now that we have completed out lesson about the short vowel /o/. We are going to complete a worksheet to go over everything we have learned today. (Then I will collect the worksheetÕs to evaluate each individual childÕs progress.)



į      Meg Terry - ItÕs Hot! AhhhhÉLetÕs cool off with o!


į      E Teaching Assistance Program Š Short O worksheet


į      Doc in the Fog

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