Mmmm Mangos 

Madi Pennington

Emergent Literacy Design


Rationale: This lesson will provide information for children to identify the letter m as /m/. Students will learn how to write the letter m. What m sounds like and some words that are associated with the letter m.  Children will practice the letter m by finding in words, using rhyming words, and writing the letter. The teacher will assess children's knowledge of the letter m individually.

Materials: Primary paper and pencil, chart with the tongue twister "Matthew munched mangos mainly on Mondays", copy paper and crayons, Book: A Letter M and assessment sheet.

Procedures: 1. Explain to your students how tricky writing is. Tell them how you will learn about the letter M and how fun it will be to learn a new letter. Say: "We are going to be learning about the letter M today. We will learn how to write the letter M in upper and lower case. We will practice the letter M by looking at words with m in them, drawings, rhyming, reading and other activities. Learning a new letter will not only help you with your writing, but it will also help you decode more words as you are reading. Everyone do this close your mouth and hum mmmm then open your mouth. You do this by smacking your lips tightly together.  This is what the letter m sounds like when we are using this letter."

2. Say: "Think about your favorite food. Picture your favorite food sitting on your desk. Now pretend you just took a really big bite of your food. What's the first thing you usually say after you eat something really good? You say 'mmm that was good'. I always say 'mmm' after I take a bite of pizza. Now let's practice saying 'mmm' everyone say 'mmm that was yummy' and rub your belly. So when we hear someone say 'mmm' what letter are they talking about? M, wonderful job!"

3. Pull out the tongue twister. Say: "Now let's look at a tongue twister that I came up with that uses the letter m. Matthew munched mangos mainly on Mondays. Let's read it together slowly first to learn it. Now this time I want you to really put the 'mmm' on the m's like this, Mmmatthew mmmunches on mmmangos mmmainly on MMMondays.  Now let's break the /m/ sound off the word. Say it with me, /m/ atthew /m/unches /m/angos /m/ainly on /m/ondays.

4. (Have students pull out their primary pencil and paper) Say:" Now we are going to practice writing the letter m. Let's do a capital M first. Start at the sidewalk and pretending you are climbing up and slide and go to the rooftop. Then slide down a new slide back to the sidewalk. Then take a new slide and climb back up to the rooftop. Then get on a new slide and slide back down to the sidewalk. You have just made a capital letter M. I want you to do this 5 times. I'll be walking around and checking your work.  Great job everybody. Now let's try a lower case m. You know how we used slides in the uppercase M. (point to the slides) Well in lowercase m we are going to use camel humps. Start at the fence and draw a short line down to the sidewalk. In the middle of the line you just draw put you pencil there. From that spot I want you to make a hump like a camel's hump and go straight down to the sidewalk. Then draw another hump that is touching the first hump making sure the top of the hump touches the fence. The end of that line should end at the sidewalk. I want you to make five more lowercase m's and I will be walking around and checking your m's. "

5. Say: "Let's practice listening for the 'mmm' sound it some words. Remember the /m/ sound on your lips that we practiced earlier and how it was tightly smacking your lips together and then opening them. Let's do that again. Good Job! Now,  I want you to rub your belly if you hear the /m/ sound: (have these on cards) bed, mop, sock, cup, camel, ball, monkey, ham, ear, me. Pick two words one with the m and one without and talk about how you knew it was an m sounding word.  Now do you hear the /m/ sound in: mouse or rat? big or small? Sometimes we hear /m/ in the middle or the end of the world like in the word small.  Ham or turkey? Monster or witch? Goose or moose? Snack or meal? Good job.

6. Say: "We are now going to read a book about the letter m, Called the Letter M Book.  As we read raise your hand if you hear the m sound. Then we will write the m word on the board." After reading review the m words from the book.

7. Say: "To show others you have learned the letter m, I will give you a sheet of copy paper. I want you to write the letter M in lower and uppercase on your paper and then draw a picture of an item that starts with the letter m. Make sure you name the item that you drew on your paper. Be creative.

8. For assessment, I will have students complete a work sheet where they will read a poem where they will have to circle the capital M's and underline the lowercase m's. This will be done individual and as the children finish I will have them come to me so I can check their sheet and then I will have them read me the poem.


Weibel, Tim, A Letter M Book,

Houlton, Allyson, Mmmm…Morgan Made a Milkshake.

Assessment Sheet:

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