TAKE OFF IN 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. !!

Jeri Lynn Martin


Rationale: The purpose of this lesson is for students to develop reading fluency while reading. Students must excel in fluency and expression in order to grow in reading comprehension. In this lesson students will pair up and read with one another using decodable text to develop speed, accuracy, and meaning of what they read by reading text multiple times.


·         Book for each student:  Diary of a Worm (second grade)  Doreen Cronin

·         Stop watch for each student

·         Fluency time sheet

·         Partner  time/fluency sheet


1.       Explain to the students what the goal is for the day. “Today we will be working on our reading fluency. Specifically we will be working on speed and accuracy. When I say speed and accuracy I mean I want to see how fast you can read and how many words you can read correctly. Being able to read quickly without having to stop will allow you to focus on what the text is about.”

2.       I will model the difference between fluent and non-fluent reading to the students. “I am going to read a sentence like it is the first time I have ever read it. C-a-n T-o-m r-u-n f-a-s-t? I am going to read it again see if you can tell a difference. Can Tom run fast? Wasn’t the second time a lot smoother and didn’t it sound better? I was able to read accurately because I practiced before reading.”

3.       We will practice our “fast reading” now in pairs, but first I will pass out the books and give a book talk on Diary of a Worm.  “Our book is about a boy worm who has written a diary about his life as a worm. He talks about the role of a worm, how they care for the earth, and how much he loves his life. The worm discusses that they are plusses and minuses to being a worm. Let’s read fluently, so we can find out what it is like to be a worm!” Before we read our books alone I want us to open up to the first page of our book and let’s practice reading fluently together.” Using this practice strategy will help students see what they are supposed to do when reading fluently and accurately.

4.       Now I will pass out a time sheet and stopwatch to each student. Students will read the text 3 times while timing themselves. They will write their name and time down on the sheet provided. “I want you to read the book I have provided you with by yourself 3 times. Use the stopwatch to time yourself from start to finish when you read. Each time you finish reading I want you to record how many words you read fluently and how long it took you to read the books on the sheet I have given you. Let’s see if we can be fluent speedy readers!”

5.       Students will now be divided into partners and given another data sheet. This sheet will be for them to listen to each other read fluently. “One of you will read while the other listens carefully for smooth, fluent, and accurate reading. I want you to take turns doing this until you have done it three times each. Listen carefully because the sheet I am giving you will ask you to fill the sheet out according to what you hear when your partner read. Please be truthful and listen carefully so it is fair to your partner.”

Assessment: The two data sheets one that is individual the other that was done in pairs will be taken up at the end of class to determine if any progress was made. Also, the teacher will be circulating around the room doing fluency reading checks hopefully with all of the students to see how they sound and if anyone needs extra help.


Diary of a Worm: http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/classroombooks/buildingfluency/html

**I downloaded the list of books on this link midway down the page it is the K-2  category and that’s how I chose my book.



Fluency Time Sheet:


Name: __________________________________                                   Date: _____________________

Title of Book: ___________________________________


1st Timed Reading: ______________words   ___________ time


2nd Timed Reading: _____________ words   ___________ time


3rd Timed Reading: _____________ words ___________ time


Partner Data Sheet:

Name: ________________                                                                                  Partner: _______________

After 2nd and 3rd reading my partner …..

Remembered more words                                          ______                                                ______

Read fast                                                                             ______                                                                ______

Read smoother                                                                 ______                                                                ______

Read with expression                                                    ______                                                                ______



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