Munching on Muffins with M

Emergent Literacy

Kayla Jones

Rationale: For students to be able to read and spell words, they must be able to decode words. This lesson will identify /m/.  Students will be able to recognize /m/ in spoken words. They will also practice writing the letter /m/. Also the children will practice finding /m/ in a choice of words.

Materials:  Primary paper and pencil

If you give a moose a muffin By Laura Numeroff

Tongue twister:  On Monday Miss Mary made Michael the mouse macaroni.

Sentence strips to put tongue twister on

Word cards with such as MAN, MILK, MOUSE, MAID, and MUFFIN

Assessment sheet to identify /m/


1. Say:  Our alphabet has many different letters and they each have their own unique sound. Today we are going to practice with the letter /m/ and we will focus on how our mouth moves when we say it. (Explain that their lips are together as he /m/ sound is being made. /

2. Ask the students when they have heard about a yummy food, such as chocolate muffins, what sound do you make? That’s right mmm! Is there an animal that makes a /m/ sound? That’s right, cows make the moo sound. You also hear the /m/ sound when you say mouse or moose. Let’s make the mmm sound together.

3. I am going to help you to find /m/ in the word hum. I am going to stretch the word out really slowly and you try to find the /m/ sound. Hhhh-uuuu-mmmmmm. Did you hear /m/? Yes! That means that there is the sound /m/ in hum.

4. Read them the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin. Have them help you say the /m/ words.

5. Now it’s time to try a tongue twister. (Have the tongue twister on a poster, On Monday; Miss Mary made Michael the mouse macaroni. 

6. Have them practice tongue twisters on tongue twisters on sentence strips. A) Mary must marry Mark. B) Molly makes Matilda muffins on Monday mornings. C) Miss Mallory munches on marvelous marshmallows.

7. Show student word cards, practice the first card with them, man. Ask them how they knew /m/ was in man. Show them the rest of the cards and have them pick the words with /m/ in them and write them down on primary paper.

8. Students are now ready to be assessed. Hand out the quiz and have the students draw a line to the words that start with /m/.


If You Give a Moose a Muffin By Laura Numeroff. Harper Collins Publisher 1991 32 pages

Hannah Bailey "Gulp Your Grape Juice with G" Spring 2011 \



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