Ready, Set, Visualize!

By: Casey Free

Reading to Learn

Rational:  For students to be expert readers they have to be able to comprehend the text they read thoroughly. One of the strategies used to be an expert reader is visualization. This strategy helps students become engaged in what they are reading because they are picturing the things taking place as the story progresses. This lesson will help students master their visualization skills so they become better at reading comprehension by reading a poem and drawing what they visualized as they read.


·         Copy of A Christmas Tree

·         Smartboard

·         Crayons and pencils

·         Drawing paper

·         Copies of Here’s A Little Candle for the class


·         “Good Morning class! Today we will be working on comprehension and one important thing we do when we comprehend something is visualization. Does anyone know what it means to visualize? Great answers! Yes, to visualize means to picture what you read as you read it in your head as you read a poem or story.”

·         “We are going to practice our visualization. I am going to put a poem up on the board (put up the copy of A Christmas Tree) as I read the poem I want you to read silently with me and draw what you see as you read. I am going to draw what I see also. (Review how to read silently)First lets review silent reading. How do we read silently class? Awesome! We read quietly to ourselves so we do not disturb our friends.”

·         (Read A Christmas Tree and draw pictures as we read give students time to finish their pictures) “Did everyone finish their pictures? Now everyone hold up their pictures of their Christmas Trees. (Class holds up pictures as do you) Wonderful Pictures!!

·         “Ok class, now I am going to give you another poem to read and draw what you visualize. (Give out  Here’s A Little Candle) This one is a little different, I want you to draw me 3 different candles on your paper to show me each candle in the poem . You can also write a couple of sentences about your candles. You may begin.” (Once everyone is finished we will separate into groups of 4 and vote one 1 person out of each group to share their candles.)

Assessment: Students will be assessed by their drawings and how they were able to convey the poem into their art work and their sentences (if any). These will be displayed on our “Christmas Board”.



Julia Drews: “What Do You See?”

Taylor Swan: “Picture This”

A Christmas Tree, author unknown

Here’s A Little Candle, to the tune of I’m A Little Tea Pot

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