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Rationale: Reading fluently means a child is able to read faster and smoother without decoding the words they are reading. When a child becomes fluent they not only enjoy their reading more, they also comprehend more of the things they are reading. By being fluent children will be more confident about their reading. This lesson is designed to help students read smoother and faster by working with a time buddy and work on their fluency.





Egg timer for each group

Reading kite

Silly Dreamers by: Matt Sims




Say: "Does anyone know what fluency means?" (Students will answer) I will give correct answer if not given: "Fluency is the ability to recognize words faster. It is the ability to read correctly, quickly, and with expression. This gives you more confidence about what you read and will help you comprehend more of the things you read."


Say: "I am going to show you the difference in a fluent and a non-fluent reader." On the smartboard I will write: Alex sees his kite as it soars in the sky. "I am going to read this sentence to you twice. The first time I am going to read it as a non fluent reader and the second time I will read it as a fluent reader." Non fluent reader (sounding out the words with a bit of struggle): "AALLEEXX SEEES HHIIISSS KIIITTTEE AAASSS IIIITT SSSOOOAAARRSS IINN TTTHHEEEE SSSKKYY." Fluent reader: "Alex sees his kite as it soars in the sky." "Does anyone see the difference in these two ways?" (Students will answer and we will discuss how they are different.)


Say: Booktalk: "Jason and Leroy find a clue that tells them of an upcoming robbery. They contact the police and are on site when the TV news arrives. Let's read on to see what happens."

"Now lets read this book together." (Teacher reads ________________, students will follow along silently as teacher reads) "I will now pair you into groups of two and give each group an egg timer, two books, and a reading kite." (Pair students up and give out materials)


Say: (When they are in their groups) "As a pair you will time each other 3 times. One of you will go first and read as many words as you can in 1 minute. Remember this is not a competition; this is only to help you and your friends out with your fluency. Make sure you do not skip any words. Each of you will read 3 times and on your reading kite you have 3 spaces to fill out. When you are done reading each time you will write the time it took you to read the chapter in each slot. Each of you take turns reading so you are not reading 3 times in a row. As you read I will be coming around to observe your group. You may now begin."


Say: I will assess my students by pulling them one at a time for them to read a chapter for me and for me to time them.




Bria Pete: Flying into Fluency


Ashley Buckelew: Sailing into Fluency



Silly Dreamers by: Matt Sims Publisher: High Noon Books






Each student will get a kite and I will write 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on each kite.




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