DDDDigging with D

Emergent Literacy

Casey Free



Rational: This lesson will help children identify the phoneme /d/ which is represented by D. Students will learn to recognize /d/ in spoken words by chanting a tongue twister. They will also determine if /d/ is in a spoken word and representing on /d/ on paper.


Primary paper


Tongue twister “Dax the Dog Digs Down Deep” on chart paper


“My Itsy Bitsy Letter D Book” (enough printed for the class)

Assessment Sheet


Say: “Today we will be learning how to say the letter /d/. It is tricky to say the letter /d/. I will demonstrate for you /d//d//d/. Now I want you to say it with me, when you say the letter /d/ your tongue touches the roof of your mouth and your lips will be open just a little. Now you try with me /d//d//d/. Great Job class!!”

Say: “Now we are going to find the letter /d/ in a word. I am going to stretch out the word dog, dddoooggg. Did you hear the /d/? Awesome! Now lets try it together dddoooggg. Perfect!!!”

Say: “Now lets try to tongue tickler on the chart. Dax the Dog Digs Down Deep. Does everyone here the /d/’s?? Great! Lets say it 3 times together (class says the tongue tickler). Now lets all say it on stretch our /d/’s out as we say it. DDDax the DDDog DDDigs DDDown DDDeep. Way to go!!!”

Say: “Now we are going to practice writing our /d/’s. I will show you on the chart (teacher will write a capital and lower case /d/ (D and d on chart paper). Now I want you to write a capital and lower case /d/ on your paper and I will come around and look as you do so (teacher walks around and observes students).”

Say: “Now we are going to make our book on /d/. (Teacher will pass out papers, already precut and stapled, for students). You can color your book any way you would like and when we get done we will read it as a class.” (Students work on their book and when finished everyone reads it aloud together).

Say: “Now we will do our /d/ worksheet. On this sheet I will read you the poem and as I read I want you to circle the capital D’s and underline the lowercase d’s (this will be our assessment). I will give you some time to finish after.”

Assessment: I will take the worksheet up and grade it accordingly.



Pancakes for Pigs, Brittany Ballard


Assessments and Book:

Book: http://www.kidzone.ws/kindergarten/learning-letters/ib-book-d.htm

Assessment: http://www.kidzone.ws/kindergarten/d-poem.htm



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